Mars Madness ~ 27 March 2009

Before we get to Mars’s run of celestial shenanigans, today we’ll observe a conjunction - an inferior conjunction of an inferior planet - between Venus retrograding and the Sun. To add a dimension to the observation, the Earth and Venus also line up in the conjunction as seen from the Sun’s point of view. Given that Venus retrograde remains reasonably rare, this pattern deserves our attention.

One the mundane level, this Venus-Sun-Earth pattern provides a slip “through the cracks” window of confusion and similarly, great opportunity. Make sure nothing slips through the cracks, especially regarding relational and economic matters. Allow no detail to be excluded. Reduce the annoying requests for more information syndrome by double checking before submitting that loan application, business proposal, pitch or request for a grant. On the other side of a highly polished coin, the likelihood of approval or favorable response notably rises during this brief window. On the inner work level, the pattern stimulates the urge to reassess all needs, desires, wants and whatever you crave, which if followed, renders clarity and benefit. Create a healthy terminology for what you quest to receive as to prevent your sub/unconscious from rejecting efforts to receive what fills your sails and rally the fires of inner spirit to kindle action, then turn to Mars. The mantra: render and receive.

To name this GT, I morphed a name from the March Madness college basketball tournament in progress, which competitively lingers into April seemingly to snare the start of the baseball season in viewer ratings. Once I created the title, the fire on my keyboard raged to detail the outbreak of Mars patterns lying rather immediately ahead.

Today we microscope two sets of patterns of Mars: the ever familiar geocentric Earth view and the no so commonly noted heliocentric Sun-centered alignments, whose gander was inspired by Mars’s imminent approach to his perihelion.

As well, Mars makes a series aspects to Makemake, Eris, Haumea and Sedna, permitting increasing insights into these relatively new planetary players. Given the potentially pesky and terribly testy reputation held by Mars, forewarned is forearmed. Acting with preemptive consciousness is far better than calling out the pithy (as in the flimsy pith of an orange rind) lack of knowledge excuse. Of course other transits of Mars to other planets will occur in the same time frames. Our point is to reveal some of the potent patterns unlikely to appear in other sources.

Typically the “standard” Earth view geocentric patterns provide physical results in our personal lives if affected by the prevailing patterns and events in the real world with which we must contend. Following are some the geocentric patterns involving Mars on the not so distant horizons:

4 April - Mars opposes Saturn - Expect conflicts of will, bucking of authority by rebels - hopefully working with a clue, and for those with clues, great progress results from hard work. This pattern loves and rewards sweat, calories exerted for promising causes and a serious climb up the summit of success.

15 April - Mars opposes Makemake, who is also conjunct Uranus - Stories of fertility breakthroughs continue in the news. Aren’t all those hungry mouths to feed cute, until one realizes the work, cost and lack of sleep lying ahead? It’s time to create a personal plan for maintaining fluid sustenance for self and family during hard times. Expect the announcement of breakthroughs in food preservation and storage as well as documentation of the extinction of bird and fish species. Check your personal pantry, both for physical providence and creative stamina.

11 May - Mars opposes Haumea - Another invocation of fertility, the stories and controversies surrounding birth issues continue and incite philosophical and political patterns. More volcanic activity and research results regarding volcanos/earthquakes appear in the news. With Haumea’s natural instinct to provide “navigational warnings,” ignore no omens, messages, cautions or consultation-based warnings. Dig deep into your fertility. Create, create, create. If stymied, try some tropical fruit for a change, like the kinds that grow in Haumea’s volcanic enriched Hawaiian soil.

20 May - Mars aligns with Eris - While testy Mars meeting up with the goddess of discord sounds ominous, according to the myths they traveled together and were pals. So, if one is willing to change the style of life and do things more consistently with creating a life worth living, no problem. Since this pattern provokes issues of inclusiveness and exclusiveness, personally, socially, theologically, culturally and politically, reducing your personal rejection charge not only keeps your powder dry, it prevents hair trigger explosion possibilities. Ignore what you believe to be a snub, especially if inconsequential, and surround yourself with your spiritual clan.

29 June - Mars aligns with Sedna and Venus who recently matched longitude with the Inuit goddess. Slow down your reaction criteria. Make sure any step forward you take is based upon pure volition and clear conscious choice. There can be no finger pointing and deflection of circumstances onto others. Notice how unattractive this is in the financial sector as everyone declares a “no blame” status with whatever position was held in the global economic wilting.

Heliocentric alignments, those seen from the Sun, indicate likely moments of “getting” the meaning of real world happenings that potentially lead to a shift in consciousness. These patterns offer personal epiphanies to those connecting to the patterns above and shifts in collective mind sets, fads and trends.

27 March - Mars aligns with Chiron - This is all about healing - the kind of healing that applies an ointment with a short term sting in the interest of long term well being. Do not blow on cuts when applying antibiotic, just as drinking water after eating chili peppers works against quelling the burn. Symbolically, light up the soulful fire in the belly; that may or may not be acid reflex, though it likely is a reaction to action or inaction.

2 April - Mars aligns with Neptune - Engage in lofty visionary pursuits such as chasing sunbeams and staring into to the fog to see what can be seen in the mists. Lift the symbolic veil. While reality and the conditions in life are what they are, one must dream and fantasize about better days to motivate the spirit to action.

21 April - Mars @ perihelion - A gnawing sense of urgency about getting on with it, whatever it is, dominates psyches. It is urgent. If you’ve been saying you wanted to get something good going and haven’t yet done so, get it going. This pattern contains strong mundane effects. Statistically, strong solar activity coincides with Mars closest the Sun. Expect satellite and cell phone disruption and disturbances in any communication that goes through thin air. As well, storms tend to build quickly and explosively. If hazardous weather warnings occur for your area, do take them seriously.

13 May - Mars opposes Saturn - If you show the effort and the consciousness of doing each task that merits your attention thoroughly, two things follow: money and that fabulous feeling of having done a fine day’s work.

17 May - Mars opposes Uranus - This volatile pattern could bring together clusters of folks with common complaints, which ideally results in a cause. Take the high road and apply impeccable insight when confronting the status quo. Protests without productive/constructive suggestions or antidotes, will be put down.

20 May - Mars opposes Makemake - A strong conception/birth/contraception/life termination axis appears. Battles around all these matters must shift from religious to practical sensibilities of what can people and the world support without exhaustion? Find your personal golden egg and cradle it into full creative application.

30 May - Mars opposes Ceres - If your cause is strong, your intent clear, and your motive pure you can fight city hall or any evidently immovable institution, organization or corporation. Issue no ultimatums that cannot be enforced. Avoid the urge to cut off the nose to spite the face.

21 June - Mars opposes Haumea - If one used earlier creative surges, this is the time to present new solutions, products and ideas. If you avoided previous creative churning, get off your duff to huff and puff.

2 July - Mars aligns with Eris - A shift in social consciousness that shuns being part of the “in-crowd,” accumulating unnecessary wealth, achieving status markers that have no meaning or fighting the instinct to jump on the bandwagon is sorely needed. Personal clarity preceding impulse minimizes the down side of this pattern. Do you really lust to be part of the latest thing? Can people find your personal website without signing up with every social network in the inhabited Universe? Fight the trend of creating meaningless friends, companions and connections. Minimize the competitiveness of acquiring popularity and ban reality TV shows that inspire greed, contrivance and conspiracy.

22 Aug - Mars aligns with Sedna - Any action done, whether by an individual on a personal level or for a cause or a country, must be well thought without impulsive, pre-emptive activity that assumes results yet to unfold and/or instinctive reactiveness. First, take care of the mundane needs of survival. Then, address impeccable fostering of the spirit.

So there are some blips, consistent with the attention span of Mars to get you started.

Should that not be enough, perhaps it’s time for a consultation of sorts.