Making the Most of Saturn and Pluto ~ 20 November 2009

After last week’s response to my piece on Snow White I’ve decided to address something far more mundane and possibly troubling - the Saturn to Pluto square just initiated. This square off remains in play between now and next August. Of course, this is a component of the Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Pluto grand square thing, initiated with last Sunday’s first exact pattern. To keep things simple, we’ll take a gander only at the prevailing Saturn-Pluto part. That’s enough for most folks.

However, while that may be enough, three planets are now playing within the pattern: Ceres, Venus and Mars. Each of these planets exerts influence through a lesser tracked aspect - the semi-square - this one triggering off from Scorpio. The semi-square functions somewhat like the mobile phone alerts provided by credit card companies and banks. You receive a text message notifying you that some critical criteria regarding your account has been noted. The semi-square represents the recognition of the situation and initiation taken in applying corrective action to life’s alerts, making sure one averts snafus and unnecessary difficulties. Given these half a square aspects are not as in your face as a square, the urge to take care of it later can result in actions not taken in a timely manner. Should the bank notify you that funds in checking are short, you have until a given time that day to transfer funds or make a deposit. But if you end up a couple of minutes late, you’re late. The larger aspect addressed is one containing Saturn, who not so gently reminds those traveling on spaceship Earth that time and timely, responsible effort rule. When the need for action appears, act.

The recently promoted planet, Ceres, picked up on the pattern yesterday. The stimulus rendered by this powerful, captivating and richly intentional planet, reminds us to select which issues (or battles) in life that demand our attention stand worthy of our attention. Any matter capturing our consciousness must be dealt with thoroughly and emphatically, ensuring a successful outcome, while stopping short of issuing unreasonable demands or conjuring threats that cannot be upheld and/or would cut off the nose to spite the proverbial face.

Venus joins in on Saturday and Mars, who now uncharacteristically trudges along as he prepares to retrograde, holds the current tension of the square in play through the first days of December. Due to his station on the throne of Leo, for all intents and purposes, he stays in the fray until the first few days of next year. Venus works to pile on emotional charge regarding two of life’s most important themes: love and money. Given Venus tracked over a powerful manifestation midpoint (that of the Galactic and Super Galactic Centers at 14 Scorpio 34-ish) yesterday, fresh in everyone’s mind is the magic of manifestation. How do we secure what we want in relationship and monetary matters? Yeah, how? If you’ve disgustedly thrown your “Magically Manifest Money” CD’s and DVD’s across the room as far as many have in this canal water economy, it’s time for a refresh of the principles standing in the middle of the galactic intersection:

What you hold in your subconscious belief about your personal worth and ability to attract rules the roost. Conscious proclamations help, but do not become effective until resistence to unlimited receptivity to life clears. How to do that? First, be patient. You might need to reset manifestation parameters.

Affirm what you want as an essentiality of life. Avoid twisted affirmations that include double negatives such as “I don’t want it to rain/snow.”

State affirmations free of contractions. It is said the Universe doesn’t understand contractions and contractions don’t hold positive, attractive value.

Work to reeducate your senses to feeling life. For instance, grab an orange or clementine (or a fruit requiring some effort to access its nutrition and flavor). Take your time getting into it and consuming it. Notice that the energy of the fruit enters your being immediately as the bulk of the fruit takes time to render its physically nutritive value. Hopefully, with an effort like this, the reminder that it’s the energy as much as the stuff of life that counts gracefully appears. Then the “feel everything” agenda returns to guide your senses and your sensibilities.

Maintain fastidious personal cleansing rituals both physically and energetically. Break out your favorite smudge or light up the sacred resin.

Focus upon what you want/need/require. Get ready to engage, act upon and initiate what you must do to make these things happen. One can affirm all one wants, but without enriched energetic intention and willfully directed action in life, little luck drops in one’s lap.

Fortunately, we’ve got “act on it” Mars meddling with this whole Pluto-Saturn thing for quite some time. Maybe it’s realistic to think that the last minute affirmations and petitions rendered to the Universe this year, may drift into next year before showing signs of verifiable results. You know, when you plant seeds, it takes a while to see the sprouts and a while longer to benefit from the shade, blooms, fruits. Of course, Mars retreats into retrograde status on December 20th, reviewing everything conjured since mid October and continuing the review until he resumes prograde motion in early March. Then, he forms precise patterns starting in the middle of March and ranging through the middle of April, that impact the prevailing Saturn-Pluto-Uranus planet pattern, working to finish off what is starting now... Or what will start soon, if one applies the current intentional stimulus package. Just after the middle of May next year, the last Martian straw of this sequence is laid in place, neatly bending Gimel into genuflect position. Here, Mars renders cooperative, completing energy to the initiations of the near future and forces no fit.

Mars, the ever reactive one, brings up the matter of choice of response. Anger or action? And those reactions are based upon what? Venus largely. Many intense reactions evolve from one’s perception of needs, economic, relational or societal, and the state of manifestation of those needs. If needs are not manifest, Ceres’s agenda gets placed on the table (Ceres is a lovely china pattern in the line of Easterling china, unfortunately discontinued). With Ceres, you can play Dark Defender if you want, but keep sight of your personal requirements and ensure life’s symbolic pistols do not point toward the feet.

A longstanding observation I’ve held with Saturn and Pluto in combination, is that in a dharmic sort of way, they abundantly reward one’s efforts in life. Says hard line Saturn, “Get in and play with the powers that be or make yourself content remaining as a bystander.” Hard work, dedication and clear intention weave together to reveal a tapestry of completion and success, which would be a worthy rallying cry in these times. Such a petition to the Universe stands out as hugely important especially given the impending return of Jupiter to Chiron and Neptune - but that’s next week. Tune in again then for more on that hopeful evolution.

Given these patterns and our position in the current year, maybe it’s time to get that reading that’s been put off for this reason or that. Likely it’s time to dip into the resources of the dwarf planets and more using the Galactic Trilogy CD... or treat yourself to a Galactic Report. ‘Tis the season.