2010: Looking Ahead ~ 31 December 2009

Earth comes closest to the Sun just minutes after January 3rd (GMT) commences. Regardless of the season your local hemisphere enjoys, solar radiation saturates earthlings through the shortest distance and subsequently maximum intensity. How nice that sunspot activity now rises, promising extra solar energy and hinting toward the late but certain to arrive solar maximum of 2011 (and NOT 2012!). What a great time to soak up the vibes and ponder the year ahead.

Most astrological sites go on quite a bit about the nastiness of Saturn square Pluto, Uranus square Pluto, Jupiter square Pluto, and Saturn opposed Uranus, all patterns in play in 2010. No doubt these are forces with which we must all contend and if misplayed, invoke hostility, conflict and disruptive efforts to control what likely lies outside one’s ability to control. No doubt all of us must approach these patterns with consciousness and care to invoke only the best of our beings in resolving the “situations” the patterns present on our personal paths. And no doubt, if inspired, creative and conscious, more can be gleaned from these situations instead of forging ahead without attention to personal awareness and naturally provided planetary insight. During 2010 times of conflict prevail for sure, but conflict for those aspiring toward consciousness yields creative solutions to lingering problems.

Now if we only had a few inspirational torches to light the way. We do.

Jupiter now approaches Cygnus X-3, a unique and hopeful black hole system, coming to exact alignment with the galactic notable on the 8th of January. Cygnus X-3 is one of the fastest black holes to process the past and clean the radar dish, ensuring impeccable reception of what is “above and out there” or to use my newly coined phrase to mean download the divine inspiration of above, absorb the upline. So if one is upline, they instinctively and graciously download insights, becoming a perfect paradox of terms as all black holes fancy themselves to be. Anyway, to get clear, set aside some contemplative or ceremonial space and sit with the matter at hand, uninterrupted and without boundary invasions by anyone, regardless of how well meaning her/his intentions happen to be. You’ll likely feel two waves of intense purging. The first wave arrives around hour three and without a doubt, is the more intense wave. Then things cool a bit. Breathing returns to normal and a level of some repose can be restored. The final wave arrives at about hour four, bearing less intensity and passing more swiftly than the preceding wave. The problem is, most folks on the heels of one purge don’t particularly feel like going through another purge, whether physical or emotional But if the pattern does not complete, the second wave, if ignored, stores in the psychic batteries where it impatiently waits for the next clearing opportunity to arrive. Clear the second wave, too. It is just as important to clear as the first.

Once done with clearing, Cygnus X-3 reaches so far out that it can pull in ideas and insights that might take as long as five to ten years for the collective to fully grasp them. Yes, waiting for humankind is frustrating, so maybe consider the “yesterday’s newspaper” of your original ideas. Go back a half to full decade and look at all the innovations you conceived that couldn’t get off the ground. Anything useful now? If so, polish it up and put it into the light of the mainstream as you cultivate the ground for the ideas now arriving.

Jupiter dives into Pisces on January 18. It would be best to think of Pisces as spiritually motivated, creatively inspired and simply brilliant in the realm of innovation sort of sign. Remember, like Pisces promises is possible, to remain aspiring and hopeful, especially in those moments when tides ebb and the ankle deep brackish water reveals proverbial alligators. Remember, Jupiter rocks, rules and reckons with all the other planets. Even Pluto, during his most dastardly deeds, submitted to the will of Jupiter. Remember, classically Jupiter ruled Pisces, now graciously filling that billet with Neptune in a cooperative venture. Thus, this Jupiter passage promises more options and opportunities than most signs. Jupiter’s potency highlights in Pisces, upstaging adversity and portending heaps of good.

It is true that Jupiter crosses the rather testy perihelion of Mars (as measured heliocentrically) on the 21st of January, yielding some anomalistic weather that in North America is known as the El Nino pattern. This trend is global and if storm warnings go out in your area, do heed them. While January marks the exact pattern, the effects may linger for months. It is also true that as Jupiter approaches the sign of Aries, he gains speed. Thus, transits in Pisces and Aries seem to go by in a flicker of an eye, sometimes feeling like more of a tease than an opportunity. Readiness is key.

While Jupiter enters Aries in June for a three month preview, the Jupiter in Pisces interval returns for review later in 2010. From September into the following January, Jupiter restores the inspiration promise of Pisces and while retrograding through Pisces from September until mid-November, ideas conceived and lost in the shuffle of life may be recoverable by the Galactic Geek Squad if you call them for help with your consciousness software. It’s better not to hold this as a back-up plan. There are no guarantees that lost ideas can ever be recovered. Do your best to capture them at the time they creep in and if possible, dedicate as much time as they require to feel fleshed out fully.

To get ready for Jupiter take anything that you want to pitch, promote, sell or tout and tweak the prospectus, pitch or premise to perfection. Ensure the background philosophy and premise reach out to the maximum possible appeal; making it universal if possible. Next, carry this with you at all times. Whenever an opportunity arises, deal with it by handing over a copy of your wares. The I’ll e-mail it later, after the party or next week mindsets miss the wave in motion.

Consider that while Jupiter ranges through Pisces, a viable and uplifting solution can be found for the presently playing pattern of Eris square the nodes (I can’t pursue my destiny - it’ll make me different than everyone else and maybe I’ll become an outcast... and look at the people who have painted themselves as mavericks and rogues and look how that worked out!). The grand Jupiter’s passage through Pisces promises antidotes for Pluto square Saturn, Saturn opposing Uranus and Uranus square Pluto. Let us not forget the amazing conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus that occur in June, September and January 2011. If this outrageous planetary outreach does not ameliorate fears of chastisement, persecution, rejection, abandonment and martyrdom, nothing will. How perfect is the timing that the last of the Jupiter-Uranus patterns coincides with Saturn stationing just shy of a conjunction with the fecund dwarf planet Haumea in opposition to Eris - queen of discord? It would seem that these breakthrough planets squeeze the status quo planets beyond stasis and have their way when it comes to opening the doors of consciousness.

It is true that 2010 poses some difficult patterns for humanity to surmount. So does 2011 and every year thereafter. And how about the Saturn opposing Eris theme of 2011? Hopefully that should untangle the knotted ball of yarn containing horrible yarns about 2012. Maybe instead of fearing the structure obsessed planet vs. the goddess of discord planet (Saturn opposite Eris) and the lord of sudden change but whose need has been obvious for a long time planet squaring off against the planet that might try to seize power beyond its control (Uranus square Pluto) we should savor the inspiration struggling to get through cemented consciousness between now instead of anticipating the future with dread.

For icing on the cake of creative inspiration, starting in December 2010 and running through May 2011 every person alive on Earth will experience a conjunction of Jupiter to Eris. Every single person gets the same transit in a six month swath of time! Ideally, opportunism and open minded objectivity meet the goddess who would rather be snubbed than jammed into a consciousness unworthy of her evolution. At one time in mythic history, Jupiter and Eris conspired in a hand in hand effort to reverse the order of the Universe for one day - what it took to reset perspective and restore order that suited Jupiter - lord of the lords.

The Minor Planet Center posted data for a new planet during the hecticness of Christmas week. Yeah, another one. This one, 2009 YE7, transits 25 Taurus 35 tomorrow, and evidently maintains a nodal position (helio) of 18 Leo 48. There is a bit more posted about this and other new bodies on my Matrix blog (link below). Along this line, I am developing a new model for using all the quasi-planets, wannabe planets, dwarf planets and actual planets out in the Kuiper Belt. Stay tuned, I’m hoping to complete development of this model soon... of course soon to a slower moving object can be relative.

I’m not using this body in consultations yet, but I actively use Eris, Sedna, Makemake, Haumea, Orcus and other TNO’s as relevant. If you’re one of those feeling that a puzzle piece is missing from mainstream consultations, now is the time for a session that includes all these bodies (and so much more). You might also invest in the Galactic Trilogy CD so you can stay current with these discoveries as soon as reliable data becomes available. At least get yourself a Galactic Report for a last minute or first week of the new year Mercury retrograde tweak of your resolutions.

Anyone purchasing a consultation between now and the time Jupiter enters Pisces receives a free Galactic Report. If you’re previously purchased a Galactic Report, the price of the report can be deducted from the consultation fee. Better get while the gettin’s good. Time availability is getting scarce and all the while transits keep happening.