Loading Up the Local Group ~ 25 July 2009

After last week’s reference to the Super-Galactic Center and given in progress activation of this potent complex, here’s a bit more to flesh out the themes of this amazing region of space (also, read the Super-Galactic Center article using the Galactic Anomalies hyperlink on my website’s home page).

Lurking in late Virgo and early Libra lies a collection of galaxies of which our galaxy is a part, known as the local supercluster. Within this complex our galaxy shares the neighborhood with more than thirty other galaxies focused upon a common gravitational nucleus, the Super-Galactic Center. This point, measured by the consensus location, tracks at 2 Libra 04 as of January 1, 2000, epoch 2000.0. Currently it would be 2 Libra 11, but given the magnitude of this point and the different ways it can be measured in location, quibbling over a few minutes serves no purpose. To get the big picture on this our galactic entity, visit: www.atlasoftheuniverse.com. Prowl around the images of this amazing website and take some time to savor. It is one of my favorite sites out there on the web. The image of applicability to this GT is the 100 Million Light Years from the Sun - The Virgo Super Cluster hyperlink. Don’t forget to come back.

Ceres now officially travels through the local group region as defined by supermassive black holes ranging from 25 Virgo through 2 and a half degrees of Libra. This uppity dwarf planet hangs out with the cluster only a short time through about August 10th to be precise. Ceres does not take kindly to any sense of interference, obstruction, impedance or manipulation, especially if imposed by one Ceres perceives to be other worldly or under worldly. With this passage, special interest groups likely stand up to opposition and demand equal representation and recognition. Personally, this transit inspires the necessary effort to ensure that work situations and those folks part of one’s work or peripheral social environments do not impose upon one’s personal time and relationships. Woe be unto the boss who calls late Friday evening or early Sunday morning, seeking a computer document or batch of papers. Issuing a Blackberry does not grant the right to ping an employee 25/8. It’s time to take a stand against electronic devices, the collective economy, or whatever it is you feel hijacked the best attributes of your intimate relationship and/or personal sacred spaces.

Makemake, the new dwarf planet from Rapa Nui, now travels the approaching edge of the broad expanse of the Local Group. While Makemake can be perceived to be an influence of a person onto the collective, the Super-Galactic Center offers a few additional insights to the power of this “get involved with what’s going down with the world” transit. First, given the creative nature of Makemake, the passage to the local group insists that each person form a spiritual relationship with their creativity. Writing, painting, welding or whatever you do assist in the process of securing the soul deep within the seat of the physical body. Makemake looks for ways to clear the space and time necessary to devote ample attention to the best of one’s talents. This search includes scanning the horizon for petty tyrants who might seek to steal your attention away from soulful pursuits. Fuse talent and spirit with body. Bring the cultivated talents to light and apply the skills and attributes of those talents to ensure the Earth remains a habitable home for humankind. If feeling void of talent, one could read the book, Unquenchable, and apply solutions to the problems of the water supply in the United States on a global scale. One could plant trees and rally neighborhood communities to engage in community gardening. While Makemake travels Virgo, steps that involve a decisive action move further down the road of earthly reclamation than concept building or tangling with political processes can move.

Makemake in terms of personal relationships observes that one cannot project desires and/or expectations for oneself onto offspring of significant others. Attempting to maneuver those of your domestic local group to engage and fulfill your dharma will be welcomed with the enthusiasm of being enslaved, Shanghai-ed or as the British Royal Navy previously enforced when they recruited able-bodied seamen from other ships, conscripted by impressment. Those abducted by the agenda of others rarely find the process impressive. The local super cluster can confuse the agenda of rallying those of kindred consciousness into getting others to save your world if they agree with your concerns. To return Makemake to his most potent, inescapable, tracking the local group in Virgo, point: how can one’s dharma be sanctioned in the real world and recognized for the potency of its impact on society? That’s more rhetorical. As Makemake travels the last degrees of Virgo seek solutions to large scale problems. Apply solutions in lieu of issuing complaints.

Starting September Saturn joins in with the track over the Local Group. For all intents and purposes, given the involvement of supermassive black holes whose orbs of gravitational influence can easily extend out four degrees in any direction, Saturn’s involvement with the local group lasts from the latter half of September of this year through August of 2010.

Saturn supports new consciousness regarding relationship commitment and social structures around one to one interactions. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if love could be realized for being love regardless of gender? Collective attitudes surrounding soul mates submit themselves to redefinition, too. One might think that those holding metaphysical or spiritual belief systems carry healthier, more organic ideals about relationships than those thinking within ancient societal strictures. One would think, however, if one applies the concept of soul mates as a convoluted embellishment of the idea of one and only, relationship pressure increases. Saturn offers a “smarten up” agenda when it comes to karma. If a person did a certain thing to you in a past life, and you do that thing back now, likely little to no evolution results. Such attitudes smack of revenge extended over lifetimes. Saturn says, forget what you were to each other before now. Realize the dynamics you have going on presently. Embellish the good; ditch the dysfunctional. Given the profound ability of black holes to distend time and space, maybe circumstances enhanced today for the sake of the future can change the past. According to quantum physics, that’s not far-fetched at all. There’s no point in reinventing the wheel, especially if the tire is flat. Actualize ancient personal history so you can apply only evolving, progressive personal agendas in relationship. Be better than your old self. Of course, on days when life flanks you with funk, it’ll take some discipline. Think of these “interesting times” as a reality show. You can’t get voted out of your own life if you rally your volition to register a valid vote.

Of course Pluto in Capricorn now ranges through a square to this complex as it has for several years. Tried and true methods of exerting controls over the efforts of others or getting others to do your bidding on schedule requires so much time and exhausting energy. Given the time warp elements of black holes, Pluto recommends abandoning concepts of time. Focus on packing more into space and learning how to manage the energy required to get things done. I recently heard from an illegal alien here in Arizona at the immigration check point on the way to the Kitt Peak Observatory that Earth is the most time-obsessed planet of them all. On other worlds they measure the curvature of space only. And on those planets, they do not require the laxity encouragement of age-old spring water remedies such as Pluto Water (Google it, it’s fun).

Uranus officially opposes the potent supercluster, blowing the winds of change and the scent of shift through the air. Before you know it, Uranus will enter Aries, opposing the Super Galactic Center. No doubt a springtime of consciousness comes to us all, rendering free renovation and revisitation of all things concretized. Change is an odd thing. Usually the impulse for change under a Uranian transit prevails for a long time. Then one fine day, a billboard along side the road or a quip made by the person in a line in front of you renders the mental spark to ignite the awareness that kindles the consciousness of accepting the inevitability of personal and planetary evolution.

When Jupiter enters early Aries in 2010, it frolics opposite this gravitational vortex. More on that influence will be posted as these other transits mature and set the stage of opportunity for Jupiter’s aggrandizement. Speaking of Jupiter, he just took a hit from something or other in space. Read my thoughts on the recent impact on Jupiter

And also speaking of Jupiter, here following are blips urging you on to purchase those tools of increasing knowledge now available that promote awareness of the new and yet unfamiliar influences in the solar system. You know how Jupiter is, more is better. Maybe that’s perfectly true, maybe that’s not perfectly true in the real world. For certain, not knowing is no excuse.