Light on Snow White ~ 11 Nov 2009

The midnight oil has been burned, overtime conducted and the data has been crunched. I now have PDF ephemerides for Snow White. One set is from 1700 - 2100, monthly and the other is daily, 1900 - 2100. Currently the body moves through 0 Pisces 20, going direct on the 18th of October. If you chose your incarnation form between the years 1905 and 1936, Snow White journeyed through Capricorn. The dwarf planet vacillated between Capricorn and Aquarius between 1937 and 1938. If you were born between December 1938 and 2004 you look into the Aquarius mirror on the wall. The body first touched Pisces in 2005, dotting back and forth between Aquarius and Pisces until February 2008. Now the dwarf planet can be found settled into Pisces, where she shall remain for the duration of the 21st Century. Slowly significantly nearing the perihelion point, on January 1, 2100, Snow White rests at 24 Pisces 10.

While examining Eris, I stumbled across the birth chart for Joan of Arc, who incarnated nearly one complete Eris cycle ago. By orbital period Snow White’s orbit is slightly less than that of Eris, so I thought it might be fun to apply the same idea. I use Mark Pottenger’s CCRS 92 program for my calculations. Unfortunately, the data runs only from about 1500 AD forward. However, the program did present data going back to 1496 when the body traveled through 2 Pisces 42. Assuming her orbit in Pisces back then approximately matches the data of this present cycle, the transition time of three years from Aquarius to Pisces should have been approximately three years earlier would have included the year 1492. Astrologers generally consider Pisces the sign best associated with Christianity. Of course, in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. No matter what version of that poem you fancy, in 1492 Columbus landed in the Western Hemisphere and one of his imports to the locals... those who were called “en Dios” (one suggestion for the term Indians attributed to their spiritual reverence) was Christianity. In our times, as Snow White merged into Piscean waters, many politicians in the United States are hell bent on exporting their version of Christianity to leaders of Muslim countries in the middle east. The explosion of attention upon and the activities of the C Street Gang and “the Family” appear to be a replay of the late 1400's.

Forget about the historical stuff and the theo-political. How’s it working in our charts? What can we make of her now? Given Snow White maintains zodiacally measured orbital elements in the “love to please” sign of Libra and the compassionate and sympathetic Pisces, consideration of others could theoretically compromise one’s personal best interest. The evolutionary light bulb of Snow White occurs when she awakens to the fact that she is the fairest of them all in her own life. While taking others into account and living a cooperative lifestyle, the actualized Snow White refuses to be exploited while on a helpful, dutiful or humanistic path.

This past week I’ve examined the goings on to gather a pulse of how the opposition to Orcus and sextile to Pluto might be playing out in the news. I do not know if she stimulated or contributed to the two mass shootings in the United States or the gangland style shooting in Japan (but an argument could be made that she did). I am not sure if she, like Athena, influences owls and prompted a precisely focused wise winged one to drop breadcrumbs into the Large Hadron Collider, temporarily shutting it down. The reports I heard from many folks seem to tip the hand of Snow White. The complaint of last week paraphrased, “I’m so busy doing my duty for others, I can’t do anything for myself and I’m now feeling emotionally and soulfully malnourished.” This makes sense when factoring the opposition to Orcus. This Etruscan counterpart of Pluto specialized in enforcing underworld style penalties upon those who break oaths of fail to keep their word, thus becoming an unconscious leaning to inspire dutiful and sacrificial efforts to uphold life’s promises one has made in life. Given those on the receiving end of the effort seem to want more and more, the one in service ends up bellowing, “No matter what I do, it’s never enough, you ungrateful slug!”

Is there a way of untangling this? It’s tricky, but clearly returning to (and demanding the time for) meditative practices and soulful exercise that permit the reintroduction of spirit to body, ego with soul urge offers a huge first step.

A few keywords have come to mind based upon the positions of the node and perihelion. These are by no means complete and will certainly be revised as research continues.

Positive: Self contained, compassionate, sensitive, empathetic. Strong sense of fairness. Uncompromising assessment of one’s spiritual state. When on task, amazingly enthusiastic. Believe in dharma/karma.

Negative: Easy to consume, compliant, co-dependent, striving for closeness while using distance and aloofness as a defense. Socially conscious to a fault, competitive. Lack of fairness. Selfish. Zealous. Rationalizing. Refusal to accept one’s position. Projecting nature. Sacrificial for fervent causes, often resentful of the sacrifice. Bitter about “life’s hand” or “lot.” Feeling of being marked or a target.

Mundane: Mirrors. Narcissism. Obsession with the womb and a child in vitro. Apples (more bites taken from). Contaminated produce. Mining (more the conflict of extracting resources from the Earth without harming the Earth).

Ceremonial: Rendering of fresh food for spirits. Leaving of flowers as a ceremonial gesture. Capitulation ceremonies. Immolation (not recommended)

As Orcus and Pluto demonstrate similar orbital characteristics, Snow White and Eris maintain similar treks about our star. Their orbits are relatively close in period (within five years), making them nearly equal in eccentricity. Both maintain the highest inclinations of all the dwarf planets. Here Eris undisputedly leads the pack with Snow White number two, slightly ahead of Haumea and Makemake. Eris and Snow White both reach perihelia in Libra - within just more than three degrees of each other. Both spend the most contemplative time in Aries, which is where Eris now travels and where Snow White shall ultimately reach.

There’s a heap of self referential stimulus within the imagery rendered by the new dwarf planets. Makemake’s perihelion aligns with that of Jupiter in Aries. As noted here, the most distant retreat of Eris and Snow White can be found in Aries. Haumea comes closest the Sun in Aries with a node in Leo. The perihelion-aphelion axis of Haumea is virtually opposite that of both Eris and Snow White, and closer to Snow White for certain. This curious oddity appears in mythology with the common apple imagery suggesting subconscious influences for both Eris and Snow White. Granted, the name Snow White will fall into an eternal and nearly forgotten sleep once astronomers come up with and approve a mythological name for the body. But the implication, for the time being, stands.

Clearly, the transformational influences of these bodies demand a person constantly grease inner bearings such that the preservation of spirit and the mission of the soul are never lost. Every Pluto generation incarnate, must deal with the spiritually motivated self preservation elements of planets with and beyond Pluto. We all have an inclusion-sensitive, rejection-aware Eris. All of our horoscopes hold Makemake, who frets about available resources of the planet contrasted with the rabid urge to breed to preserve one’s name, heritage and establish a legacy. All of us harbor the powerful and creative Haumea, demanding that our creativity, talent, profundity and fecundity be thoroughly applied to honor the Creator. Now, with the orbit refined, we must all contemplate the influence of Snow White and determine an accurate assessment of our personal fairness. (Or not.)

The concept of fairness endures a few dizzying spins. The Snow White in Capricorn generation battles economic security versus generosity. Can one give too much to causes? Or should it all be given away... or at least used? After all, you cannot take it with you. For those with Snow White appearing in the allegedly humanistic sign of Aquarius, a classic battle for self preservation jousts with species preservation, the survival of the planet, altruism and humanism. In either case, one assesses one’s ability to swim cooperatively in the fish tank of life, on one fairness front. One must also maintain an absolute and impeccable sense of personal decorum and never lose sight of the purity of one’s spirit. The mythology of Parsifal comes to mind. Where is the personal holy grail? The etymology of sacrifice means “to make worthy or holy.” In the original roots, there is nothing in sacrifice that implies lying down and taking the “duck and cover” doormat position. So it seems, this new dwarf planet, whatever name it shall hold, demands focused attention to the needs of one’s spirit.

Despite the assumed yielding nature of Pisces, there is fight to Snow White in Pisces. Her node - a mission statement indicator of sorts - aligns with the fevered urgency of Mars’ closest contact to the Sun. If a cause, mission or religious or spiritual agenda is adopted, one will fight to the death for it. Why not then, with this new influence, remain receptive to the needs of others (and other adopted charitable causes) and keep those needs in equal balance to the needs of one’s own spirit? Could this be the end of psychological martyrdom? Time will tell.

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