Light on Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune ~ May 15, 2009

Come Monday, the highlight of Mercury retrograde occurs as the Sun and Mercury conjoin with the Earth, and this time the three influences are in aspect to the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction within a degree or so. Such an interesting mix this is. The Mercury-Earth conjunction dictates the certain need to make things simple and practical in the real world. The Sun wants to spread its comforting warmth and attention-growing light onto matters, making them cogent and once grasped, applicable. Apply that to Jupiter-Chiron and the most illusive of them all, Neptune. Okay, let’s.

First, before running the “wounded healer” image off the track as can be done, consider the relationship between Jupiter and Chiron. Jupiter recognized Chiron’s plea to end his pain and came up with a viable and effective alternative as his magnanimous nature frequently did. Sure Chiron had to take the place of Prometheus in the underworld and figure out some liver and vulture issues, but that was temporary. A derivable image from Chiron’s Jupiterian relief effort is: Get a grip on the bootstraps. Dig or dive in for just a short while longer. Allow the nature pressure of the depths to restore your consciousness above the surface of the matters at hand where clarity and upward bound effort can follow. Relief is promised to those who get into the mix, but mixing it up and sorting the details must occur first.

Perfect. Should you be feeling mired, fatigued or overwhelmed by the mundane muck of the world and how it affects you, take the weekend to restore your spirit. Hide out if you must. By that, the suggestion offers that you find a place of solitude into which you can retreat for a short spell, until some sorting of the blur occurs. Locate the issues that offer the greatest sense of pressure. That noted, you can then take on either an “eat your favorite food first” or “consume your least favorite food last” approach as long as all issues requiring your attention receive your conscious attention, communication and follow-up action. The full platter of life demands that you clean your plate of the priorities heaped before you.

Okay, now the conjunction of Mercury and Sun lies in Taurus opposing the Earth in Scorpio. Make no resource promises you’re not sure you can keep, whether those be energetic or monetary promises. If you say you’ll show up with bells on, you’ll be expected to be a-pealing as you arrive on scene. Nothing is more appealing than a bright shiny face delivering on a promise. With Jupiter and Neptune involved, one can over promise, hoping for the best, which discounts the reality that factors out of your control remain out of your control and unmanageable. It’s best to have a clear image of occurrence or possibility to prevent basing promises upon a mirage. Above all you do not want to make a promise that cannot be met. The most damaging part of such a promise is not the blow to one’s credibility, but more to Chiron’s point, if the psyche or internal sense of capability is damaged, that’s where the sharpest pain stabs into one’s susceptibility to shame, blame and hopelessness.

Since Neptune is involved, it seems fair to submit the promise that you don’t necessarily know when “it” can get handled, but assure that “it” will be addressed as soon as humanly possible. Since Neptune is involved, some tangible definition might be required by Mercury’s presence in an earth sign. Make lists. Write down things of importance. Scramble that list until the priorities make sense. Take single steps to get things done and to honor Venus and Mars in Aries, work fast, but not prematurely, nor carelessly, nor with abandon for the laws of nature... you know time, gravity etc. No fair pushing the left turn light limit on the intersection laden with traffic cameras. No speeding because there’s so much to do. No multi-tasking. Focus and directed conscious attention only.

Three and a half hundred miles above Earth, astronaut Michael Massimino Twitters what’s up on the Hubble repair mission when possible. Be assured he’s no where near his Twitter-transmitter when working on Hubble. There’s a sad reason that Boston Transit may prohibit vehicle operators from even having a mobile phone in their possession when navigating a vehicle. There’s a reason the Federal Aviation Administration prohibits cockpit crews from discussing anything other than the operation of the aircraft below 10,000 feet in altitude.

If you look around the celestial sphere, you’ll see methodical, logical Saturn nodding his head in agreement and approval. Never mind that his arms may be folded. Going not quite a third further you’ll see Pluto silently casting his vote of consensus. He points out beyond into the depths space to something, probably reminding us all that he’s retrograding by a potent collection of binary x-ray accreting pulsars, which means to humans on earth it’s all about energy expenditure. Effective use of energy heals issues of time pressure.

Let’s not forget about reflection, mirroring, retrospection and introspection - all possible traits of Neptune, which can feed back to Jupiter’s reaffirmation of belief and Chiron’s agenda of “if it hurts to do something, stop doing it.” This trio defies the PGA tour... why support the pain and gain academy? What if reflection and insight reveal deeper understandings and eliminate the need to remain mired and struggling?

Perhaps part of this Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune pattern is getting a grip that perhaps there’s more and more insight exponentially heading our way. Here at the University of Arizona, underneath the football stadium, mirror makers are working on a reflective surface that when employed in space will discover more novas in the first minutes of activation than have been noted to this date in history! It’s laughable when astronomers indicate that Hubble can see back in time past Creation or when scientific logicians declare we know 4% (or 6% or whatever) of what there is to know. They don’t know. The need to declare and define might actually prohibit comprehension and consciousness wrapping or delay it. All they know is we’re discovering and addressing more of the unknown every single day. Every day there’s more and more to take in. Consciousness expands through the process of including and processing data. It does not occur by ignoring it... and let us hope no one dares snub Eris!

Perhaps the process of the next several days is usable. Stop, pause, reflect, focus, conclude, address and act. I’ve heard a rumor that astrologers on Saturn’s moon Titan and also the individuality coaches on the moon-former planet orbiting Uranus, Triton, all proclaim similar and current guidelines. That’s not to say it’s universal; it’s just applicable in our corner of Creation.

My next Galactic Times will follow the Norwac Conference. You can look for it around the 26th or 27th of May depending. There’s a new Matrix post today following last week’s Galactic Times Mercury retrograde commentary addressing the wisdom of the Hubble Space Telescope’s repair during this pattern.

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