Jump on Jupiter’s Jaunt ~ 25 November 2009

Normally the Galactic Times would be a little later in the week, however with it being our Thanksgiving holiday here in the States, I thought I’d queue up something we can all be thankful is forming above.

For all intents and purposes Jupiter is now aligned with Chiron and Neptune, finishing the pattern established back in May. Truly, there could not be a better time to reinvigorate this energy. It’s late in a funky year that has been gift wrapped in the collective worry about an uncertain, fraud-ridden global economy. People want to dare and dream far enough as to reinstate a speculative and hopeful outcome about the future.

To glean maximum effect from beneficial transits such as these, the energy of the patterns needs to be grabbed and harnessed while the energy about them builds, instead of after exactitude of the aspect when the energy dissipates, presumably creating great results in one’s life. When the aspect passes, the results of effort previously exerted begin to pay off... assuming effort exerted. Most especially with Jupiter and his evocative, promising, teasing nature, a person wanting to grab the brass, gold and titanium rings he promises, must first buy a ticket to take the scary ride he endorses.

On the 7th of December Jupiter precisely aligns with Chiron. As told in mythology, Jupiter sanctioned Chiron’s relief from eternal pain. He created a temporary protocol for Chiron to endure that would put an end to a life on this planet fraught with pain. What a lovely idea. Jupiter and Chiron together can work up agendas to clear impeding emotional and spiritual impairments and sometimes physical conditions. Following the process comes relief that creates an increasing sense of enthusiasm for and contentment with life.

This is not to suggest conjuring a belief in miracles that exceed the limits of nature and the speed of light, while waiting for the Hadron Collider to do its thing and define God. However, when a person willfully engages the clearing/healing work, the restoration of spirit renders virtually unlimited creative zeal. As well, this pattern works to render healing the wound of foolishness. You know, how to foolishly pursue life’s adventure without actually being a fool. This refers to the consciousness that one applies when buying a lottery ticket expecting to win instead of investing energy in viable options... such as writing a song, the novel of the millennium or a blockbuster movie script in hopes of publication or production. Both agendas ride a high tide of hope despite astronomically adverse odds. However, one track applies intention and creativity fused within the process and invokes the positive side of the willfulness of the fool to take on impossible odds armed with the creative/spiritual tools cultivated in life. The distinction between luck and fortune appears, yet both require an unlimited, overly exuberant application of Jupiter to determine its salt.

On December 20th, Jupiter aligns with Neptune. To this Jupiter Neptune pattern, add the emotional charge of the Moon in Aquarius and the station of Mars in Leo and the 24 hours preceding this year’s Solstice should build up an enthusiastic head of steam. After all, next January Jupiter crosses over a potent black hole that rewards innovative creativity, Cygnus X-3, allowing consensus reality to wrap around even the most innovative of concepts.

Jupiter and Neptune both maintain “rulership” with the sign of Pisces the sign of hope, aspiration, religion, spirituality and unlimited creativity. Yes, there are the other less desirable attributes of Pisces (as there are with all signs), but this is about reclaiming inspiration, not sitting through the movie 2012 (my comments about can be found on the Matrix Blog, linked below), wondering if and how the world will end in your geographic corridor. This Jupiter-Neptune pattern demands one apply god-given talent without abandon with inspired hope. Absolutely, this time manifests the “nothing ventured-nothing gained” axiom, or as played out by lottery advertisements: You can’t win if you don’t play.

Truly this is the time for free-ranging development of thinking. The emphasis on pushing for progress prevails above traditional reserve and caution. Those who prolifically ponder and calculate the odds of success most likely will miss the wave. “Surely this can run amok,” the most cautious of souls warn. That’s nothing to worry about. At this time in his orbit Jupiter hauls ass. He speeds through Pisces with barely enough time to do the fashion show for the newest foot apparel and scuba gear. Then, he smashes into Aries faster than a Hadron particle where he’ll take on Saturn, Uranus and Pluto as he works his way hurriedly through a sign and a half to his perihelion on March 17th, 2011, which is also the day he crosses the perihelion of Makemake (hopefully rendering awareness of global resources vs. population explosion). As well in March of 2011, Mars reaches his perihelion on the 9th and Mercury follows suit on the 14th. Talk about a time to close in on some manifestation...

Which leads us back to the present. This March 2011 time frame likely won’t amount to much if folks fail to fervently seek fecundity through aspiring imagination with the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune signature now. This is followed by Jupiter transiting Cygnus X-3 in early January, Snow White in late January after entering Pisces, and just before zipping over the perihelion of Mars (watch out for El Nino) and leading the way for Jupiter in Aries in June linked with Uranus. Just think, the two big planet risk takers in Aries, aligned in June. All bets are off. Those attempting to forecast the probable manifestation of this era hopefully far fall short of a warped (in a good way) time of growth and gain on the consciousness front. Without a doubt these patterns ahead promise shifts in awareness sufficient to quiet the rabid fear-mongering ranging from terrorism threats to economic despair to Mayan Calendar, smothering the wind out of reason. Of course, those actively seeking the shiny metal rings promised by Jupiter in the realm of real world gain and consciousness, arrive first at the destination and get their pick of rooms at the Queen Mary.

So, acknowledge insight and groovy ideas. Be thankful for the recognition. Then, return to exuberant inspiration. Restore hopefulness. Recreate a belief in the subtle and the energies of unseen forces. And of course, you can do all of this while minimizing delusions and holding fanaticism in check. If you don’t believe me, ask that fool over yonder, standing on the precipice.

Actually, believe me. Every paragraph other than this one was written yesterday - Saturday the 21st - and this paragraph hit the GT on Sunday. Last night shortly after I turned off the computer, I received an e-mail from the Independent Short Film, Music and Art Festival informing me that my script The Tie was a runner-up (one of three scripts in second place). Initially I wrote The Tie way back in the early 1990's. In 2005, I converted the premise into a short story for my collection of short stories released in Glimpses. And now this award to be dished out next February. The Tie is the story of a man whose fate turns on a dime, and after a long number of years life redeems itself to his persevering soul. It’s a story about fate vs. fortune and luck vs. endurance. Ironically, the story deals with a winning lottery ticket. But my point is: perseverance, intention and creative output over time and applied within the sanctioning windows of the planets do, in reality, produce results.

We’re now officially in the holiday season and it’s getting busy out there. If you want to find a way to use these great energies forthcoming, my suggestion is sooner is better than later. Book early. The Galactic Report, if you haven’t already received one, is a great way to peek into chart attributes left undefined by most systems of interpretation. If you’re formulating New Year’s resolutions for your relationship, consider the Twin Stars compatibility report. Not only do you get an interpretation for soul-based aspects, you get a suggestion for getting the max from any pattern. For those wanting to go way out in the Universe as implied by Jupiter in late Aquarius, this is the time to put the Galactic Trilogy CD on your personal, “I’ll get this for me” shopping list.

Happy Thanksgiving and all that it implies whether celebrating in the States or not.