Is It Only Mercury Retrograde?? ~ 11 May 2009

Five days ago, Mercury, as he does every 115.88 days, reversed direction into that highly touted, dreaded era known as Mercury retrograde. We all know what that means. Communication, contracts, conversation, chatter, e-mails and everything written, spoken or with communication devices tends to run amok. Granted, many people state every Mercury retrograde period that this is the worst one ever. Those persons issuing such observations usually have the position of retrograding Mercury irritating their charts and the perception may be celestially subjective.

But is this Mercury retrograde more potent than usual? I think so. Is there a reason? Of course. Actually a handful of reasons exist, much to Mercury’s delight. Mercury stationed and turned retrograde on the most zodiacally advanced stars (by precession, that is) of the Pleiades where stars now lie in Gemini, not Taurus. You know the Pleiades... the Seven Weeping sisters. Just to add more for the money, Mercury stood conjunct the first body in space named for Aboriginal lore - Altjira. Taking the life game board one level higher, Mercury formed a reasonably tight right angle to the other major underworld deity dwarf planet thing: Orcus - a pattern that increases in potency over the next week. That enough?

While not declaring support for the Pleiadian Agenda widely featured throughout cyberspace as well as space, this asterism of the sign of Taurus has long stood for grief, remorse and lamenting. But why? When Eris conspired with Jupiter to reverse the order of the heavens for one day to correct a political wrong - according to Jupiter - occurring in the land of Mycenae, the Sun and Moon rose in the west, the stars reversed their tracks and the Pleiades wept. Yes, but it was only one day of major discomfort. In shamanic traditions clusters of seven stars offer potent points of healing through the processes of lamenting, recapitulation and isolation to restore one’s relationship with the Creator. Uncomfortable in the short term, these healing protocols produce positive results: the shedding of grief and loss, shame and blame. So what if the connection of this station of Mercury to this point, and its naturally sensitivity to reversal of motion, is used to clear emotional decks about shifts in fate that do not align with one’s greatest aspirations? Give it a good day. Dive into the moaning and groaning, alone and imposing the emotional clearing on no other, and get it the hell done. After, the sky clears... okay at least the mind and one can cogently re-engage with life.

Ah yes, and to take the Mercurial conditions noted in paragraph two above out of order to propitiate to Mercury’s retrogradation, that brings us to Mercury’s lingering square to Orcus. Or was that in the third paragraph? Anyway, Mercury has been in aspect with Orcus since about April 27th-ish and continues the pattern through May 18th-ish. The last gasp of this pattern clears about June 14th-ish. Orcus, like Pluto, was seen by the Etruscans as the underworld lord of Hades. Also like Pluto, Orcus is most likely a dwarf planet and some day shall receive acknowledgment as such. Orcus was the deity noted for punishing those who break oaths. Given that Mercury rules words and such, and that Mercury had a hall pass such that he could enter, linger in and depart Hades at will, this cycle intends to bring such oaths and proclamations to light. Expect bluffs to be called; ultimatums to be issued. Consider the news commentator here in the U. S. who promised to be water boarded to raise funds for charity and prove the interrogation technique is not torture. He’s not shown up at the water park yet. Or how about the baseball super star who said he was taking a doctor’s prescription for a health matter when he tested positive for steroids? Remind me why a baseball player needs a female fertility drug? Consider the pending legislation for credit card reform and the actions of freaked out credit card companies on the eve of such a law. Interest rates continue to spike on card issuers’ whims and credit lines get lowered for even the best of customers. Can Mercury’s movement address such considerations?

Not with a detached, apathetic humankind it can’t... which leads to the alignment of the silver-tongued planet with the Aboriginally named Kuiper Belt Object, Altjira. According to the Aranda tribe of the central outback, Altjira was the sky father and god of Alchera - dream time. He is credited for creating Earth and its occupants, then retiring to the top of the sky where he resides, remaining indifferent to humankind. Also known as Sky-Dweller or All Father, he stands on the feet of emu while his wife and offspring have the feet of dogs for whatever worth that mythic trivia renders.

One of the observed effects of the global economic crisis appears in a curious sort of collective detachment, probably exacerbated by Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune matching wits in the sky. Seems most people are so into their own plight, it’s hard to recognize, let alone addressing the woes of the world. Many walk about awake, but so preoccupied with personal imaginings it’s as if they walk about in a blurry dream state. Again, here’s another effect of Mercury and the ruler of dream time compounded by the troika of Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune.

So then, what handy tips can be applied to this retrograde Mercury given the above causes? How about a handy, printable, easy to lose list for Mercury’s backtracking?

Follow through on promises and commitments previously made and do so in a timely and conscious matter.

Make no statements you cannot uphold or have no intention to uphold.

Of course think before you speak. But with this trend, how about instead of thinking about something or thinking something over (thinking something through would be a more ideal word choice), take an isolated moment or fifteen and dream on it.

Say what you mean. Hedge no bets or traipse around the block to get next door.

Reconnect with all feelings, especially the not so warm and fuzzy ones. Lament (in solitude) if you must, but clear out all retarding emotional goo.

Re-establish belief in an option-oriented reality. Re-engage with your belief in fate, fortune and dharma.

Get back on board with time. If you need to compress something, compress space and move through the squeezed region in a more expeditious manner. Why do you think the new Star Trek just came out?

Spread no gossip.

Check facts, three times if you must.

Engage the brain, using the inspiration of dream time before articulating.

Realize the futility of cursing at electronic devices that fail to match up with your psychic intentions.

Get back involved with your emotions, psyche and people in your life. No detachment or inattention allowed. Being overly aloof might build you a reputation as a real pain in the patootie and one of those “hard to reach” folks.

When removing batteries from a communication device, make note of how the new replacement battery should be inserted.

Decide which is greener: paper or plastic bags at your local market. Okay, kidding about that one.

No forwarding of the Mars is closer than it will ever be forever e-mails. Not kidding. That was true in 2005, not now and not this coming August. Mercury and Orcus punish such non-compliance with bad luck with paper clips and staples.

Now, since Mercury is retrograde, please, please, do not make the mistake of putting life on hold. If you have contracts pending, applications for grants to file or what have you, use the 18th when Mercury-Earth and Sun stand in a line. If you have a major transit working - the kind people covet - do not let Mercury ruin the use of that pattern. Too many times people ignore perfectly good and superior power transits just because the trickster Mercury retraces a few steps.

All that scribed, I’m not editing this. I’m trusting that when I dreamt this GT last night that I finished the dream before my cat meowed for morning chow.

If you’ve been pondering a consultation, now is probably the time. Okay, it is the time. Space is compressing, which impacts time.

Here’s a Mercury retrograde challenge: Can you buy stuff in my website’s store without expected Mercury retrograde snafus? Of course, you’ll have to test your luck in the online shops of my colleagues too.