Helping Ourselves ~ 10 June 2009

Given the unfolding circumstances in the world and crises ranging from economic to the brink of nuclear hostility to airline safety to tolerance of those with other views, this is the time for installation of some serious change - or perhaps better yet, some massive shifts of consciousness.

Some of the indicators supporting change remain undisclosed to many systems of astrology. A long time fan of Sun-centered/heliocentric astrology, it’s time to review some recent Sun-centered trends and upcoming trends such that we can all grab the collective transits by the horns.

First, let’s consider a couple of interesting notations regarding heliocentric astrology. A person on Pluto, a scholar on Saturn or a messenger on Mercury would all experience the same horoscope for any given time. These charts reference the Sun and reflect a consciousness of the solar system et al, not isolated to concerns of any particular planet or person on a planet. Presumably, there’s a vaster view open to the inclusion of other agendas, broader thinking and soulful consciousness. That said, ways of extracting additional meaning from the planets in the heliocentric model come from examining the zodiacal position of the planet’s north node - the planetary statement of purpose - and its perihelion/aphelion axis - a commentary on the urgent priorities of that planet - and the connections of other planets to those points. I became aware of this technique when studying the work of John Nelson of RCA, who in the late 1940's studied disturbances of short wave radio propagation and found that aspects of any planet to the perihelia and nodes of other planets to be contributing factors. It’s worth the Google to check out some of his work.

Anyway, in addition to the lingering, soon to come back again Saturn-Uranus opposition, Uranus recently (late February 2009) passed by his most-distant point in space, the aphelion, and soon Saturn aligns with the closest point of Uranus to the Sun, his perihelion. This Saturn to the perihelion of Uranus connection locks in as exact on June 26th, but is now part of a longer term trend good for at least six weeks either side of exactitude.

A bullet point reading of this connection declares it to be, “the manifestation of real change, presumably of a progressive and innovative and controversial nature.” Can we now see the manifestation of changes promised political and economic, or is this just a final warning to get on with resolving whatever hiccups stand in the way of progress? This Saturn passage, given that it is heliocentric and as result is a one and only direct hit per Saturn cycle, declares, “It’s put up the change or shut up about what cool ideas you have if only someone would listen.” Possibly, just possibly, others would listen if they see that your ideas work in the real world. It’s cosmic “show and tell” should you want followers. If you don’t want followers, Saturn insists you not waste the idea. Pass it along if you must to someone more capable and willing to take on daunting global tasks.

Riding the earlier wave of Uranus to his own retreat point from the Sun, presumably some reflection occurred regarding change before proposing new changes. Change for the sake of change typically fails to fill in structural cracks. Changes made must be progressive, free of ulterior motivations and good for the collective, or at least so says Uranus on a good day.

Concurrently, we ride another long term heliocentric pattern. Also in late February, heliocentric Pluto passed over Saturn’s most distant point from the Sun in Capricorn. Pluto watches the economic trends carefully, insisting that greed not be given the chance to re-rear its ugly head again. This makes one wonder how he feels about the banks repaying money to the Gov so they can give executives unlimited bonuses. Let us not ignore the sneaky raising of interest rates and shifting of due dates by credit card companies on the verge of new credit legislation.

So here comes Saturn, reinforcing the urgency of solid, viable, progressive change. Nice, but are there a couple of smaller steps we might be able to take between now and the 26th? Of course!

From the Sun’s point of view, Mars takes the lead and rides shotgun in Aries. On the 15th of June Mars squares the nodes of Jupiter. Actually, this represents a decision point - the proverbial fork in the road - or more on target, Mars stands at a critical point of assessment. Mars at this juncture looks at battle plans past and contrasts the success/failure axes of those campaigns against present agendas and immediate goals aching for installation. Creating a belief system that supports the action one intends to take plays a huge role. This pattern rides along with the current transit of the Sun opposing and in accord with heliocentric thinking, the Earth conjoining black holes in Sagittarius that state, “walk the talk,” “act from a view of authority and experience,” “use your head for something besides a hat rack and apply your wisdom,” and finally asks a huge, more serious question. What do you change if your actions and belief systems are not in accord with one another? Traditional religion or theologies would have you modify actions to comply with precepts, doctrines and whatever is held gospel. But what if one’s primal nature has a more instinctive, less dogmatic direction to go? Whether personally or collectively, this issue stands out as the elephant in the decision making room. It can be as simple as “can you exist successfully if you take a job you despise?’ Of course the logic answer is, “In this economy, yes.” The spirit-driven answer likely differs.

As June matures and the solstice arrives, Mars inches forward in Aries exactly aligning with the perihelion of Jupiter and concurrently the perihelion of recently named dwarf planet Makemake (The perihelia of these two planets stand but one minute apart!). If you want to grasp the essence of Makemake, hailing from Rapa Nui, do a bit of an online search and get yourself a copy of the 1994 production Rapa Nui. It’s worth the effort and the implications of an arduous ceremony, omens, wars and propagation of the species vs. the use of Earth’s resources could not be more poignant. Mars to Jupiter’s closest contact with the Sun is a bit more familiar. Before you go off, locked and loaded or half cocked, have a plan in mind. A few goals, objectives and higher ideas to pursue, flesh out such dockets neatly.

And as Saturn comes to Uranus, get involved. Post a petition on, write your political leaders, manifest a doctrine (and destiny) of creating progressive change using your God-given skill set. In reality, each and every person holds a piece of the collective puzzle. So do what you do do well.

Now, at this point, I’ll stay informative and migrate into commercialization. I posted a blog today on Matrix’s site about Sony’s movie due for release in November 2012, as inspired by a Mike Brown blog. The link is below and I reckon worth a read. I’ve been thinking a heap about the nodes and perihelia of the planets and how to get more people using them. Slowly, I’m developing a treatise on personal planets (Earth-Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Ceres) to the node and perihelia of all the planets. I’m not sure what this is going to turn out to be, but that’ll come as the writing evolves. Meanwhile, if you’d like to gather a glimpse of your helio personal planets, my Galactic Report addresses them by conjunction to seventy-four black holes. If that’s not quite the fit given this GT, I’m offering short consults of those personal planets to the perihelia and nodes of all the planets, including Eris, Makemake, Sedna and Haumea. This is a bit of a dharmic profile, if you will, and available on the following link. More next week, for certain.