Hail Jupiter ~ 19 January 2009

Jupiter the magnificent now in Aquarius, the water bearer, is making himself known. Last Thursday as Jupiter and Mercury retrograde inched closer together, a skilled and gifted pilot ditched an Airbus into the Hudson River. The astrological significations in this horoscope are staggeringly brilliant and could be a long chapter in a book on mundane influences. This miraculous nature of this event displayed an outpouring of generous humanity and aid as is so needed in these times. Hail Jupiter

Given Jupiter’s grandiose nature and the effort of Aquarius to link humanity, seems like everyone has decided that hooking up electronically is the way to go. Think about it. How many recent surges of e-mails have you received from well-meaning folks for you to join their Face Book-My Space-Twitter-Reunion-Skypes-Halo-BlendIn-FitIn-YouTube-UsTube etc. network? Or is it just me and my natal Jupiter in Aquarius? Between blogs, forums, article contracts and newsletters I can barely work on larger writing projects. I reckon the only solution to stay connected in the world and make a living is to delve into those presently activated Aquarian black holes and make time warping a physical reality! And one more thing, stop sending me the ten times weekly the millionaire monthly multi-something-get-rich scheme spam. The fact that the online hype for this multi-layered, include-all-of-humanity (do you think Aquarius rules hyphens?) program claims that it’s entirely legal should trip warning flares. Hail Jupiter.

Meanwhile, how hysterical is it that the U. S. Government has mandated analog television broadcast be replaced by digital television transmission on February 17th with Mercury, Node, Mars, Jupiter, Chiron (and the centaur Nessus), Neptune and the Sun all in Aquarius, associated with electronic signal propagation through the air? It almost seems this year’s Aquarian collection is bigger than the 1962 Aquarian stellium, doesn’t it? Analysts estimate that 10 to 15 million televisions in the United States will go dark. Pundits addressing the matter have called this the real Y2K. And who wants to mess with antennae up on the roof top in snow, blistering heat or under the slowly increasing solar activity, which in reality could seriously disrupt the power grids? How interesting is it that the U. S. power grid problem is just now receiving serious attention? But what about the other galactic energetic power blasters? Soft Gamma Ray Repeaters (SGRs) whack satellites in their transmission path and thus shoot down cell phone/Internet communication. With the rise in popularity of Hughes and Bluesky satellite Internet providers in rural, non-cabled Internet regions, that grouping of humankind could lose all its online connectivity with the rest of humanity during solar activity or galactic blasting. Hail Jupiter.

I’ll keep you posted on solar alerts. We’ll have a day or so heads up courtesy of spaceweather.com. As for SGRs and other galactic stuff, there’s nothing we can do to forecast those. We can’t see them a’coming. As Jupiter in Aquarius brings us even more etheric-like technology, odds are we’ll become aware that we are subject to more extra-solar radiation than ever known. We’ve had the ethernet for a long time now. Is it time for the Ethericnet, or is such a trademark just going to bring intellectual property title wrangling for lawyers? Hail Jupiter.

It’s a funny thing with Aquarian energy. Cyberspace can certainly indicate the pulse of humanity. I’ve started blogging for the Matrix Software website as Michael Erlewine, now back at the helm, was a huge influence in my early galactic work. I’ve written about dwarf planets, the expansion of the solar system and some other exciting, leading edge stuff. But then I wrote a blog with 2012 (actually 20Y2K12) in the title and guess what? That blog is leading the other content by what appears to be a 50:1 read ratio. Seems between that blog and forum posts I have become the person who disputes Hopi Elders and Mayan prophecies. Actually I am the person who has long claimed that the super nova of 1987 should be consider the indicator of the Blue Star Prophecy and remain a fan of the optimistic, peace-promising prophecy. I also believe in the ending of the Mayan Calendar and believe it will roll over and do it again without the End of the World. I also contend that the next Solar Maximum cycle, following an 11.08 year period and on the heels of the last maximum in 2000, shall occur in 2011, not 2012. If it is a huge activity cycle as scientifically predicted, it may carry on into 2012 and maybe beyond. But it does not hinge on the flipping Mayan Calendar. What do I know? I’m the guy who wrote that Y2K would be no big deal and that Planet X would not axe us in 1999, 2001, 2003 and año ad nauseam. But here’s what concerns me: You know how palmists observe that the lines in your hand can change as does your consciousness? Well, there’s been so much hyperbolized negativity assigned to the Mayan Calendar’s conclusion that the lovely Mayan Calendar in the kitchen of my house suddenly had its intricate designs all shifted about by the projected thought forms! And I can’t decipher the new code! Hail Jupiter.

I’m going to go off on one quick tangent here in the interest of unpiling yet another fragment attached to the Mayan Calendar. The ascending node of the galactic plane to the epoch 2000.0 equator is 282.86°, or 12 Capricorn 52; more to the point, the ascending node of the galactic plane to the ecliptic as of 2000.0 would be 270° 01' - the galactic alignment thing. Now since it is past 270° at the start of 2000, this alignment occurred in 1999, 13 years prior to the promised doomsday. Damn Jupiter’s tendency to exaggerate and bend facts.

Back in present time, where we construct tomorrow’s reality, more people will be in Washington, D. C. than ever before on Tuesday with Mercury retrograde and the Sun aligned with Jupiter aligned. To counterbalance this effect and keep the Earth upright on its axis. we may have to ship copies of National Geographic to China. (I’m kidding). Given the cold forecast for D. C. this week it’s good there’s that many people. True to Aquarius, they can impersonally huddle together for warmth. Is it true Twitter might implode because of the inauguration? Hail Jupiter.

A bit more than a week ago, the Minor Planet Center released the data on another likely dwarf planet, creating a small plethora of dwarf planets. More as the data firms, but initial indications are this one could be quite the rapscallion. Early figures suggest the body’s north node to be aligned with the perihelion of Mars. Of course, any owner of the Galactic Trilogy will receive free updates of the ephemeris as soon as data firms. Similarly, we should note that Jupiter is closest the Sun at 15 Aries 21; Makemake is closest the Sun at 15 Aries 22. Hmm. As those two bodies form an angle midyear, this should lead to perspective on population, resource availability and economic matters. Hail Jupiter.

When Jupiter and Chiron align and in the vicinity of Neptune it is likely that a wave of entirely new consciousness methods shall birth. Evidently odd at first, they’ll catch on with faster than The Secret fury. Hail Jupiter.

Finally, as Jupiter tantalizes Cygnus the Swan and its potent black holes X-1 (late February, early March) and X-3 (January, 2010), all bets are off on innovation and far-fetched ideas that later become quite fetching. All it takes is a little time warping. And given the conspiracy theory that Microsoft is altering time by refusing to clock computers correctly: Hey! Sounds like now! How many of us are so warpable that we can swan dive into a larger pool of consciousness? Hail Jupiter.

Oh, have I yet mentioned that Jupiter represents one’s point of view, opinion, perspective, embellishment and exaggeration? Hail Jupiter!