Go Galactic ~ 4 December 2009

Hopefully everyone remains abuzz on the heels of Wednesday’s conjunction of Mercury to the Galactic Center (26 Sagittarius 59). The buzz should carry neatly up to Jupiter’s conjunction to Chiron on the 7th. Given that Jupiter provided a vehicle to relieve Chiron’s pain, here all people encounter a mental healing trend. Getting any component of one’s belief system and logic track that contradicts one’s declared desires for life out of the way, reestablishes firm footing. Even those who fail to believe that brilliant ideas can ever come their way eagerly stand in line for the next insight.

Why should you care about the Galactic Center? While it is true that individuals with contacts to the Galactic Center effortlessly track exciting “off the charts” ideas and scrape the essence of the heavens into their cranium, prevailing trends involving the Galactic Center impact everyone. The fact is emanations from this powerful supermassive black hole ultra rich in infrared titillates every organism’s aura. Given the time of year with the Sun near the Galactic Center, those not used to tracking the Galactic Center may do so simply by clearing the brain of the mundane, sitting still and listening.

Listening four times a day would be ideal. Roughly and plus or minus, anyone can tune in as the GC rises, culminates above, sets or culminates below - it’s more or less fair to say that the symbolic application (barring quibbling over time and latitudes) of an hour either side of 6:00 a.m., noon, 6:00 p.m. and midnight should to trick. Really, the influence persists for a day or two either side of the exact alignments and no matter what time of day. To aid the process, it’s helpful if a person enters the receptivity session with any lingering questions objectified into third party terms. If battling to reconcile traditional religious beliefs with spirituality, one can morph a question from: “What can I do to make peace with my new spiritual beliefs though they contradict what I learn in Bible study?” to “What guidance can be given to one struggling to resolve conflicts between learned religious dogma and sought and/or experienced spirituality?” All questions are fair game, by the way... relationships, money matters, inventing the greatest solar power device for trendy hat ware that powers personal electronic devices and/or invoking consciousness that can prevent the destruction of planet Earth or the people on it.

Okay, so mental GC seeds have been planted by the transit of Mercury to the GC on the third of December. Thoughts, questions and musings naturally result, stirring the will to look deeper into the energy that drives events on earth, instead of only looking at the results of the events. This delving brings the stimulus of actions and events into clarity, resulting in conscious awareness of what is going on. Then, consciousness can replace logic, linear methods of problem solving and shed the “tried and true” that now falls short in complicated times.

The Sun transits the Galactic Center on the 18th of December as it does every year at this time, plus or minus a day. This passage is not limited to 2012 - you can mark the insight bearing era on your calendar and take the assurance of the GC’s inspirational influence to the bank. The agenda of this transit is to grab glimpses of profound insights that can greatly influence the direction of humankind. Innovation, inspiration and enlightenment commonly appear. However, insights received tend to take those not tuned to the frequency at least six months, often nine, to wrap around the idea. So, when tracking the GC during this window, do the download, capture the idea completely, flesh it out and keep it to yourself... for a spell - as in time. Your time for release of the profound nugget you’ve gleaned will come. Meanwhile, do the mundane thing. Work your idea into comprehensible terms as quickly as possible and be ready when the collective wave catches on.

Why quickly work on it given that most folks can’t catch this wave for months? Consider that in four more days (the 22nd) Venus crosses the degree of the GC. Here you assign value and importance to the recent acquisition of insight. Venus knows that if you put something high and within range of your priority radar, it will not fade from your attention. The bright, shiny planet pressures you to see through any fog surrounding the significance of your recently acquired ideas, concepts, inventions, innovation of consciousness.

There’s another set of subtle players in this time. Recently, Pluto and Orcus, both lords of the underworld, formed an exact trine, which persists in reasonable orb through the first couple of months of 2011. One would think an extra dollop of grease had been applied to the wheels of transformation. From Pluto perhaps we can extract the passionate urges from the bowels of the being to push out into the real world with fullness of spirit, seeking great impact. Specifically, Orcus punished those who failed to keep their oaths and vows. Maybe Orcus knows what a person declared about the purpose of a life time just before the soul slipped into something uncomfortable like a human form. Maybe his role is to ensure that one stay precisely on course with the declarations made about outcomes of the lifetime. If so, he’ll ensure that a body and ego remain true to the soul and that intentions, thoughts and actions support the agenda of a lifetime. Should things feel a trifle off course, why not disavow any vow that fails to resonate with the core of being? That should keep these oft feared lords happy and ensure that the grease of the underworld remains applied to fortunate locations only.

Defrag your computer. While you’re at that task, clear your brain of thoughts that preclude receptivity to brilliance and ditch subconscious dialogue that chatters nonsense about the truth of your soul and its Creator-given talent.

Stay tuned, more helpful tips to come in the upcoming Galactic Times.

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