Enthusiasm for Eclipses ~ 6 July 2009

Several GT readers have written to ask about the upcoming trinity of eclipses. First, such a collection of eclipses is fairly common. Eclipses run in patterns based upon the interacting orbital movements of the Earth and Moon system as they travel about the Sun. Every six months, there will at least be at least a solar and a lunar eclipse separated by two weeks, or the time it takes to go from new moon to full moon or full moon to new moon. Within the next month we experience three eclipses:


7 July - appulse lunar eclipse

22 July - total solar eclipse

6 Aug - appulse lunar eclipse

An appulse lunar eclipse is also known as a penumbral lunar eclipse. Here the Moon passes through the secondary shadow cast by the Earth. Symbolically, these eclipses are not as intense as the partial lunar eclipse or the total lunar eclipse. A total solar eclipse, though, is more of a celestial bulls eye and historically has been used as a forecasting tool of all sorts of things - both benefic and malefic. The land lying underneath the path of the total solar eclipse tracking over the Earth receives the greatest impact. I am happy to report that though the upcoming solar eclipse, while passing directly over China and India, ranges 300 miles short of the southern tip of South Korea. Hopefully, given the mundane importance attributed to eclipses, this track lies sufficiently far from North Korea as to nudge Kim Jong Il into no further missile tests and reduction of international diplomacy.

Each eclipse cycle some people receive direct hits and others feel personal impact from those they know who stand more severely affected as well as collective-influence events occurring on Earth. To cover the bases as universally as possible, I’ll provide general observations of the eclipses instead of focusing on personal effects for the exact degrees of influence.

Eclipses occur when a direct alignment forms between the Sun, Earth and Moon, maximizing the “pull” or influence between these primary bodies. A lunar eclipse is seen as a darkening of the Moon, which represents the subconscious emotional nature. Thus, emotional agendas undergo a veiling effect... or a kept in the dark sensation. While a person stands more “moved” by undefinable inner urging, if asked to define those impelling forces, likely a blank would be drawn. During lunar eclipses, emotions heighten, with an intensified lack of clarity, transparency or cause.

The “disappearance” of the Sun during its eclipse symbolizes the blocking out of one’s conscious cogent nature. Here rational thought takes a short vacation and one reacts upon instincts that refer back to securing or defending oneself, one’s image, ego, projected persona and/or one’s claim in life. Without a thought, a moment’s hesitation or consideration of right or wrong, a person will do whatever it takes to preserve the domain, property, psyche or any area in which a person senses personal encroachment.

Both eclipse types share in common potent emotional reactions and the urge to respond immediately to any situation in life. Given that Venus just entered Gemini for the first of the three of these eclipses, a safety tip comes in the form of realizing that every situation has multiple, possibly infinite points of view. Certainly tricky relationship interactions have two points of view. It’s a great idea to hold that thought near and work to construct the win-win agenda so popular in modern day negotiating tactics. For the total solar eclipse and the second lunar eclipse on the books in the next month, Mars occupies Gemini. Given the action-figure nature of Mars, perhaps the contemplation of walking a mile in another person’s shoes provides soothing balm for the psyche in advance of impulse buying a reactionary can of worms.

This week Saturn and the winds of Typhon (one of those dangdable scattered disk objects in space) align in Virgo. You can huff and puff to blow someone’s house down, but if you lack good lungs, commitment to difficult causes or haven’t done the multiple point of view thing, this could backfire. Add to this degree mix out in the fields of Virgo, Ceres, the goddess with an ample dose of fury when things go astray and the “cut off the nose” to spite the face syndrome appears. Add the fixed sign signatures of the solar and second lunar eclipses, flexibility is harder to invoke. A spin off concern is that of issuing bluffs one cannot keep or has no intention of keeping.

Above all of this, Orcus - the other underworld lord similar to Pluto inches up on another opposition to the position of the orbitally unrefined and unnamed dwarf planet candidate, Snow White. We do know two things about her orbit, though. With a north node in Pisces, enhanced by a transit through Pisces, no doubt one of Snow White’s collective attributes is that of pursuing emotionally charged situations with a degree of compassion.

Finally, this Thursday Jupiter aligns with Neptune as the second phase of this conjunction pattern. Reset the big picture. Think inspired. Think beyond. Create the unimaginable. Grab some inspiration while the galactic grabbing is good... these planets are aligned with a most innovative black hole to boot.