Dwarfed with Possibilities ~ August 7, 2009

The square of Ceres in Libra to Pluto in Capricorn caught my eye this week. The ironic coincidence of the square between the dwarf planets with the commencement of the International Astronomical Union’s conference in Rio de Janeiro, raised the banner of optimism regarding Pluto’s status. To date, from what I can detect in Twitter blips from Mike Brown’s tweets, working around shoddy internet and Twitter hacking, nothing has shifted. However, I have my eye on the proceedings. Brown, a Gemini and co-discoverer of Eris, wrote in his blog on the cusp of the conference’s commencement, “But don’t give up hope! Perhaps something will unexpectedly spill into the open and Rio can turn into a place as fun as Prague. Stay tuned…” Having read between the lines before in Brown’s blogs and such, I remain encouraged. Meanwhile, the daily updates to the Trans-Neptunian Objects and Scattered Disk Objects and Centaurs lists maintained by the Minor Planet Center, yesterday included a new SDO and four average TNO’s, but not one that would upset any apple carts of conventional astronomical thought.

To read the latest on the potential Pluto controversy, I’ll be blogging on it on the Matrix blogs here: Why Pluto Is/Is Not a Planet. I’ll keep updating what rocks on in Rio as soon as I find out more, stay tuned and keep checking back.

But I was thinking about the most famous astrological quote ever about the Pluto situation. Gloria Star quipped about the diminutive-dissing assessments of Pluto: “A Chihuahua may be small, but it’s still a dog!” Now that the most famous Chihuahua ever, Gidget, famous for yipping in commercials, “Yo quiero Taco Bell,” has passed into doggy heaven, does that mean Pluto is no longer a Planet? Again, go to the blog linked above. There’s a lot there.

Despite not resolving the Pluto planet issue, the Ceres-Pluto contact made global headlines. Ceres became legendary as the goddess mother, enraged by the abduction of her daughter Persephone-Core into the underworld of Pluto’s domain. She threatened global destruction if her child was not returned... and in pristine condition. Over in North Korea, dictator leader Kim Jong Il, who threatens the annihilation of humankind with his alleged arsenal of functional nukes (nuclear weapons are attributed to Pluto) pardoned the recent conviction and sentencing of two female American journalists of Korean heritage and released them. In a mission that seemed to appear from the blue, former U. S. President Bill Clinton, engaged on a humanitarian mission to North Korea, secured the release of these two women from their captivity. All this happened riding the tension of the square between the dwarf planets Ceres and Pluto, embellishing their mythic linkage. Certainly, I would have not forecast this result based upon traditional astrological assessments. Maybe the square reveals it’s uglier side in the spin applied to the humanitarian event by opposing political factions. Regardless, a release from captivity was secured AND without the threat of global extermination - a lesson of astrological attributes from which we should all extract optimism.

Astrologers commonly allege the transformational elements of the lord of the Underworld when consoling clients enduring Pluto’s effects, often it seems without total conviction. Now it seems we have sanction for such things.

The airplane used for this mission was provided by the reclusive and secretive and wealthy producer, Stephen Bing. So far, I have only found his date of birth: March 31, 1965. Regardless of time and location, Bing’s horoscope contains a conjunction of the Sun and Eris in Aries. Eris, being the goddess of discord and mayhem, often in companionship of rabble rouser Mars, certainly turned the tables on this one with Bing’s influence. Additionally, in “bend the archetypes” land, Bing’s chart holds Mars, the traveling pal of Eris, aligned with Uranus, the other discordant, upsetting planet, in Virgo, forming an “adjust or squirm” quincunx to the Sun-Eris pairing. Noting an additional manifestation of this effect, Bing reportedly sent James Caan, Robert Duvall and Bill Murray to Cuba recently - a country run by another stubborn, dictator outcast - presumably to research a film. You know, maybe, just maybe, those with tense alignments with these dwarf planets might just be able to evoke changes previously seen as impossible and through the most unlikely means possible.

The IAU, the gang of stodgy, nerdy astronomers we accuse of not getting the nature of the very cosmos they study, might be closer than we think. Any object orbiting the Sun in a resonance that matches the 3:2 ratio of Neptune to Pluto (Neptune orbits the Sun three times in the same time it takes Pluto to complete two revolutions), shall receive a name for a deity of the underworld. Orbits exceeding that of Pluto’s length shall receive names of deities noted for creation and resurrection, ala Makemake, Haumea and her clan of orbital followers and Sedna. Given that we can see mundane applications of these bodies we alleged to be transcendent and transformational despite the “severity” of the angular relationships of the involved bodies, maybe we should reexamine our tool belts of life, taking out worn tools that have lost their edge. God forbid a person should function in life than less than the sharpest planetary tools in the zodiac shed.

Presently, Mercury and the Sun join Saturn in Virgo, the sign of Makemake. Over the next weeks Venus and Mars migrate to Virgo and just like the three planets setting the “let’s work with Makemake” precedent, we have opportunities to invoke the nature of Makemake and all the dwarf planets while applying a non hostile approach to gargantuan problems with methods that would have disarmed both David and Goliath. It goes on. Then the personal planets step into the fashionable Libra and in so doing, align with Haumea and later, directly oppose Eris. Later still as the year winds down, when these bodies travel Scorpio, they will oppose Sedna. Consider the following list (plus or minus a day, depending upon your location in the world) of upcoming dwarf planet effects:

August 2009

16th - Mars in Gemini square Makemake in Virgo

20th - Mercury conjunct Makemake in Virgo

September 2009

8th - Ceres conjunct Haumea in Libra

18th - Sun conjunct Makemake in Virgo

19th - Mars in Cancer square Haumea in Libra

19th - Saturn conjunct Makemake in Virgo

21st - Mercury retrograde conjunct Makemake in Virgo

23rd - Ceres in Libra opposed Eris in Aries

30th - Mars in Cancer square Eris in Aries

October 2009

6th - Mercury conjunct Makemake in Virgo

8th - Sun conjunct Haumea in Libra

11th - Venus conjunct Makemake in Virgo

14th - Sun in Libra opposed Eris in Aries

19th - Mercury conjunct Haumea in Libra

22nd - Mercury opposed Eris in Aries

22nd - Venus conjunct Haumea in Libra

31st - Venus opposed Eris in Aries

November 2009

10th - Mercury in Scorpio opposed Sedna in Taurus

13th - Sun in Scorpio opposed Sedna in Taurus

17th - Chiron in Aquarius square Sedna in Taurus (for the third time)

24th - Venus in Scorpio opposed Sedna in Taurus

29th - Ceres in Scorpio opposed Sedna in Taurus

December 2009

2nd - Jupiter in Aquarius square Sedna in Taurus (for the third time this year)

Given the slow movement of these outer solar system bodies, over the next several years we’ll witness similar time tracks of the personal planets to the transformation inspiring dwarfs. And twice more per year we’ll experience squares to the dwarfs and one other set of conjunctions/oppositions. When Jupiter enters Pisces, we’ll see his opposition to Makemake and the overcrowded planet syndrome effects. Over the next year and a half as Saturn matures in Libra, his conjunction to Haumea, and later the opposition to Eris, make their presence known.

The point is: with these dwarf planet transits virtually ongoing possibilities exist to shrink mountains back into molehills and make all life’s challenges far more conquerable. Surely, it would be folly to ignore the well-greased patterns offered up by the diminutive but potent “planets” (read the Matrix blog...).

If you’d like some delineation help for these bodies (and in the interest of brevity), you can visit the Centaurs, TNO’s, Sedna etc. link on my website’s homepage.

And before you send a tweet to ask, I am not on Twitter. I am only following the posts from Mike Brown, a.k.a. plutokiller, on the Twitter’s website. I suspect that makes me only a half-Twit. I’m fine with that.

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