Do Not Open Until... ~ 23 December 2009

Ah, the admonition written on the tag assigned to holiday presents whether the gifts belong to Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza or Quetzalcoatl’s Kumquat Consuming Contest. What torture and anticipation lurk behind such labels? What if there were a cosmic gift grab in the skies above, ready for the plucking regardless of the surrounding sacred festivities? Could it be opened early? Sure, if one tunes into it early. Should it be opened early? In this case, indubitably.

Actually if you open this present today, you’re not all that early. Today the gift in the sky comes from the direct alignment of Mercury with the position of the lunar north node. Given that Mercury retrogrades on the 26th, these two remain in alignment until December 29th - or ample time to apply newly realized missions and add them to next year’s resolution list.

The node represents the collective sense of mission, purpose, evolution and improvement of the emotional state of humanity. Mercury is all about communication and while in Capricorn, only worthwhile statements need apply. This is the time to locate, ponder, flesh out and declare new mission statements for one and for all.

It’s bigger than just Mercury and the node. As these two align, they match up in the sky with two amazing black holes, SS433 and GRS 1915+105.

SS433 a bizarre, maverick body in space and it holds the claim of more astronomy books written about it than any other black hole. Once called the “bastard star,” this black hole system belches and twists its way through Creation. A notable attribute of individuals with personal birth connections to this point is that they all fancy themselves as coming to Earth with a very specific and potentially controversial or polarizing destiny. As an example, self help seminar founder, Werner Erhart’s north node in his birth chart is aligned this point, just as it is presently.

The other object is a super luminal black hole, sporting bi-polar jets. The interpretive theme of this body: There’s always enough resource to do what one really wants or what one must do in a destiny sense. In terms of notable “if there’s a will, there’s a way” celestial contacts, this point is one. Within this black hole lies the realization that manifestation is not entirely dependent upon monetizing. For instance, if one uses award points for purchases already conducted or if one receives a gift of airline miles, these are means of materialization that do not require cash on hand. Similarly, if one wants to launch a website and wants to hire the most expensive designer in this galactic quadrant, one might take the time to learn the basics and put up a viable website on their own. A way will be found to what satisfies the soul’s desire. And to reiterate the message of Mercury in these moments, first, get clear on the concept, consciously commit to it and proclaim it.

A caution added to this point: when on the verge of completion, success or nearing a pinnacle of acclaim, do your best not to lose sight of the vision at the last minute. While sounding absurd, it’s been known to happen. No doubt you’ve heard the stories over played by motivation masters of the independent oil driller who stopped three feet short of a major underground reservoir of the black gold and then sold to a major corporation for a song.

These patterns urge all of us not to wait until the new year to declare the next master plan of personal dharma. No need to wait until you open the calendar present you expect to receive for the holidays. Articulate formulated potent, life-altering declarations now. It’s true that Mars is now retrograde and perhaps one should hold back on action. If adhering to that concept and as noted in the last Galactic Times, be advised that on January 29th Mars and the Earth and the Sun align, making the day a very acceptable option for those needing a good start date (and in deference to prevailing patterns to one’s birth chart).

Actually, this late January launch point works extremely well considering that on February 3rd Mercury and the north node once again align. This convergence stands even closer to the destiny driven, controversy ignoring impetus of SS433. The next day, Mercury clears the degree where he began retrograde movement, or as astrologers put it, Mercury clears the shadow. Clearing the shadow represents renewal of clarity and a lifting of the veil of whatever fuzzy facts may have previously clouded decision making. So, here is the time to reaffirm purpose and the pursuit of dharma.

Again, there’s no need to wait until next year to start. Now is the time to declare the aspirations for next year and beyond and build momentum behind those rich, destiny-ridden ideas. Progress can indeed be made, even during the holiday season. You might as well open the gifts of destiny now.

Here’s wishing all of you continued wellness, personal peace and increasing assurance that destiny unfolds. May this be your most phenomenal and joyous holiday season.

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