Dancing With the Sombrero ~ 5 May 2009

¡Bienvenidos! It’s Cinco de Mayo and in this part of the world it’s time for a fiesta as we celebrate alongside our Mexican neighbors. Of course those in Mexico living under the transit-rich horoscope of that country might be a bit less festive than usual. There was a notable earthquake a week ago, extreme violence spawned by drug wars and of course, everybody’s new target of fear, swine flu.

We’re now enduring the healer Chiron aligned with the planet who rules drugs, fear and contagious influences, Neptune, now traveling without restriction in the sign of mass population, Aquarius. Thus, come the flu outbreak, news thereof, and subsequent human reaction. Those on the cautious side of the issue note that as Jupiter - the planet of exponential multiplication - joins this pre-existing condition later this month that swine flu should pandemically spread around the world, massively thinning the world’s population. Those on the other side of the Jupiter rulership camp note that Jupiter also oversees hype, propaganda and blatant exaggeration. Personally, I’m in that camp. In the past few days, the surge of outbreaks has been reduced and the revised death count in Mexico indicates a decline in earlier mortality figures. On the side of objective perspective, few contrast swine flu deaths to date with good ole seasonal flu deaths. In the U. S. in the current flu season thus far, 53 pediatric deaths have been reported and with the swine flu (or H1N1 as it’s more politely called to diminish impact on the pork industry) one death in the United States has been reported. Jupiter, noted for stacking stats to make the point he chooses to make, often fails to keep things in perspective. Neptune is involved, too. This planet can spread hysteria and irrational response faster than the bubonic plague swept through Europe centuries ago or a multi-level sales company conscripts recruits with promises of $50K a month or more.

Given that Jupiter can be optimism, subtle trends that indicate economic upturn appear to those willing to notice. Once people get out of fiscal fear, learn the lessons of the flipping past and market madness, perhaps can move back into a more prosperous present suggest these hints. Personally, I am chagrined at the vast number of astrological prophets and doom sayers blogging and forum posting on why it’s going to be horrible! Horrible they say! And how about that media!? Ruled by Neptune, they took this story and liberally spread it like SPF 90 in the Australia Outback. If my research is correct, this past week far more people died in Mexico of drug war related violence than swine flu. If my other observation is correct, the face mask is useless in drug war gunfire sprays and questionable for effectiveness against the H1N1 flu, however, should be worn while spraying sealant on car battery cables.

A global pandemic and economic doom create one reality. I maintain the need for the polar reality. Those who seek to proclaim doom and be right about their predictions which directly oppose a (re)turn to positive fate, somewhat unexpectedly shoot themselves in the foot - exactly the type of prediction one would suspect from Uranus in Pisces. Add to this search for polar reality the influence of Saturn in Virgo. Saturn wants facts, speculations based upon facts, critical thinking (the philosophical kind; not the judgmental kind) and viable plans with many check points where multiple choice options apply.

Acting as distant and potent substrate of the unconscious the dwarf planet Haumea, retrograde, stands in orb with the Sombrero Galaxy (13 Libra 45) as she inches toward her station on June 28th at 14 Libra 27. She is now just over a degree away from this enigmatic galaxy. Back in 1912, observations of the Sombrero Galaxy conducted by Vesto Slipher at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, confirmed his speculations about red shift. This development led to the postulation of an expanding universe and confirmed the existence of galaxies external to our own. Though some astronomers presently dispute red shift and its effects, the symbol of the Sombrero Galaxy carries the image of a runaway train. Give it a direction, a shove and watch it go, heading off to destinations unknown and at staggering speeds along the way. So, while we have Jupiter and Neptune pouring proverbial petrol onto panic fires, this fertility goddess runs, wearing what appears to be only a sombrero and a sarong, into vast previously unexplored regions and realms of awareness and consciousness.

On the 10th of May Mars aligns with the Sombrero Galaxy and Haumea from across the crowded sky, punching up the current themes and rendering some distinctly impolite comments leading up to his approach to the goddess of discord, Eris. For instance, Mars might observe that it is a good thing millions of people didn’t die of swine flu. Asks Mars, “With runaway real estate development, where would we bury them?” Very indelicate and impolite Mars would agree, but key points tend to be sharp and he’ll keep making them when summoned by celestial alignment. He adds as his tag that all the fuss about how many people could die seeks to uncover and repost the overturned world population sign covered with dust, water bottles, plastic shopping bags, beer cans and other human debris on the side of the road.

Mars soon defers to Venus... on the 18th to be precise. That’s when she follows suit and opposes Haumea and the Sombrero galaxy. She’ll follow Mars’ points and lead the way by highlighting issues of runaway fertility. Perhaps more extra-multiple birth instances will dot the news. Perhaps Octomom hits the media again. The combined manifestations of the flu, Aquarian energy, the current transits of the fertility goddess, Haumea and soon the patterns involving the fertility god, Makemake, bring humankind to a startling observation. “Holy cow! Where did all these people come from and how can the Earth continue to provide all they require?” While a focus upon ecological/environmental concerns rises, the focus on the resourcefulness of fertile minds to address the runaway population on this planet commences coalescing out of the mythic mists of the lands of Hawaii and Rapa Nui.

Hopefully humanity peers through the fog normally attributed to Neptune to take a clear head count on the issues concerning humanity. Back on the personal front, if there was ever a time to get off the sofa of speculation and into the laboratory of creative development to produce ideas spawned in the creativity of the fertility goddess and her companion transits to the sombrero, it’s now. If you want to have something worthy of a fiesta, explore your fecundity and develop ideas that on their own could become a runaway train into dimensions unknown. “Sounds like a lot of work,” Saturn might caution in a casual aside. No doubt it is, but it’s worth it. And that’s something to take to the bank in both a proverbial and economic sense, making your contribution to an ever-improving economy.

Meanwhile, Mercury stands poised, ready to retrograde within the next day. Given that most readers know what communication disruptions likely occur, let us all remember and apply the one day during Mercury retrograde where gain and progress naturally occur and where it is arguably appropriate to sign papers and conduct contractual dealings. Ready? Got a pencil and paper and a reserve pencil? Jot down 09:56 GMT on May 18th. That’s the communicatively greased day, or at least plus or minus twelve hours of that time. Now for other curious Mercury phenomena... on the 25th Mercury, in Sagittarius from the Sun’s point of view, stands at its most-distant point from the Sun, moving at a third the speed of his maximum speed ability. Consider this part of the Mercury retrograde to be heightened in the need for speculation, clear thinking and logical discernment. Given that Jupiter is right with Neptune, stirring things into a swirling blur, think for yourself. Speak for yourself and double check the facts upon which you make major life decisions. Remember, Jupiter and Neptune create a time for optimism. With Chiron, it’s time for a clearing and healing. Get certain it all gets better and get on with it while the getting is good.

Tonight at the fiesta, why not toast the tantalizing trio in Aquarius? Offer a cheer for economic wellness, humanitarianism and a world that can easily wrap around your latest creative rendering. That’s the ticket!

“Get your readings! Get your readings here!” That’s what Mercury retrograde shouts from the first couple degrees of Gemini. Should that optimism of Jupiter aligning with Neptune seem flatter than you’d like, a reading would be in perfect order. Visit my website’s store (links just below) for some good mind stretching material, too. The Galactic Trilogy CD, Galactic Report and more are all perfect in this time of great philosophical reformation courtesy of the convention of Jupiter and Neptune.

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