FLASH: Comet Lulin and Comet Lulin Specials ~ 23 February 2009

It cruised around our Sun quietly in January, gaining momentum and popularity as its visibility increased to naked eye proportions and now everyone wants to know the dets, at least that’s what the e-mail requests I’ve received indicate. What the hell is a Comet Lulin and other than a great chance to observe cool stuff in the night sky, should I care? Actually yes. The comet offers a consciousness import and to celebrate, you can enjoy some special deals on this website by clicking the link at the end of these notes.

Comet Lulin was “discovered” on July 11, 2007. This comet possesses an extreme eccentricity: 0.999986, which means it has an orbit that is nearly parabolic and we get one look at this comet in a hugely long time. Tomorrow, February 24th, after nearing the Sun on January 14th the comet comes as close to the Earth as it does, outbound. The result of this is the best viewing. It’s easy to find. The comet is near Saturn, whose moons are putting on quite the show for telescope viewers. The simplest star map is available on www.spaceweather.com. When you look near Saturn you’ll see the comet, looking a little fuzzy on the edges and its green color may not be evident to the naked eye. I saw it the other evening from the yard just as it was entering Virgo nearly equidistant between Arcturus and Saturn. Of course, Tucson lacks street lights in most neighborhoods because of our proximity to Kitt Peak. You might have to get out of town for better viewing.

Tomorrow, Comet Lulin and Saturn virtually hold hands in the sky. This places them conjunct in the sign of Virgo. Now the full import of a comet can be determined by checking the degrees of its node and perihelion. While I’ve found differing date/times for the exact perihelion, suffice it to say that the comet reached closest proximity to the Sun as we observed the Sun in mid-Capricorn. The node degree (heliocentric) is 8 Pisces 32. The comet bears a Capricorn-Pisces mindset and as it nears us it flavors its influence with a strong shot of Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler. So let’s see, we have reality vs. fantasy and hard core life vs. inspired spirit as the comet’s prevailing themes? Yes.

Because of solar emanations and the gaseous tail of the comet, there’s a thing called charge exchange. This sharing of energy generates x-rays as the comet passes. So, we further receive an infusion of “look inside to examine the bare bones nature of the structures at hand” courtesy of these emanations. Feel it or not, it is happening. Yes, indeed.

Consider last night’s Oscar awards. The inspiring, hope-generating story of an Indian boy who wins on a game show only to be arrested for cheating won the hearts of viewers worldwide and voting members of the Academy. Kate Winslet won best actress for a love story involving a war crimes trial. Ironically after California astounded the planet by voting against gay marriage, Sean Penn won best actor for his portrayal of Harvey Milk, an openly gay San Francisco supervisor who inspired fanned the movement for gay rights. Milk’s screenwriter and winner of best original screenplay, Dustin Lance Black, gave quite an inspiring acceptance speech that addressed overcoming the ridicule of sexual orientation. Each of these films carries the themes of Pisces over Capricorn, most notably the power of the human spirit and the soulful inspiration of focused determination. And so the Awards occurred as Comet Lulin approaches Saturn. How many times did recipients of awards state that anything is possible with hard work and determination? Enough to delineate the Comet Lulin-Saturn conjunction.

Now humanity, as did characters in Slumdog Millionaire, battles a squashing economic forecast promising years, possibly a decade of economic difficulty. That’s not fun. So people go conservative if scared by or investing in the wild rage of media doom proclamations and the Internet’s effort to suppress the human spirit by promoting a global climate of impossibility. Had enough of that? Good. Take that “green” comet as it passes Saturn and focus your determination once again. No matter what the challenges of life, know that a path exists in which spirit, determination, inspiration and creative application make substantial progress against seemingly insurmountable difficulties.

Perhaps one could say that Capricorns and Pisceans might have the most effect from the comet. Sure, if you want to accept a minimizing view. The truth is most everyone on the planet can see the comet, barring clouds. All persons on the planet feel its impact as it cruises by Saturn. All individuals despite their level of energetic sentience receive and respond to the x-ray receipt courtesy of charge exchange.

Following your late night news tomorrow, get off the couch, turn out the lights and head outside and into the country if you must. Take a look at the obvious Comet Lulin. Isn’t the awe of the heavens inspiring? Doesn’t that make you want to use all the spirit in your being to triumph once again?

More soon on the standard Galactic Times frequency.