Ceres Underscoring ~ 30 October 2009

So Saturn’s in Libra, eh? Feel it yet? Truly it might be hard to see/feel/taste/hear/sniff out the shift until after some of the edge of the upcoming Saturn square to Pluto on November 15th eases. We’re now just sampling the first sensorial reactions of the complex pattern of Saturn-Uranus-Pluto and Jupiter to unfold throughout the remainder of this year and the next. It’s too bad that the start of these patterns coincides with the Hollywood release of the film, 2012. There’s already enough grim forecasts written for this patterning. You know, as if we can make it to 20Y2K12 given Saturn-Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter.

Regardless what kind of difficulty exists in the patterns above, there are multiple points of view and always mitigating patterns. For instance, what if we step back and take a look at the solar system at large? Should we take a gander at the goings on from the Sun’s point of view (heliocentric), we notice that Saturn does not actually enter Libra until February 11th of next year. Of course, that means Saturn still clears the life’s logjam details of Virgo until then. It does seem that the heliocentric patterns imply the meaning extracted from mundane events, instead of forecasting specific events. It makes sense that while the “out there in life” reaction patterns now shift and swirl about, the processing applied to new results received continue to fall under the processing microscope of Virgo for slightly more than a hundred more days. No worries! Jupiter will soon be in Pisces. That’s right, from the Sun’s point of view Jupiter enters Pisces on November 11th, hopefully inspiring compassion, understanding and sensitivity to be applied to all - including both the friends and foes on your social networks and in real life, too.

Stepping back to the more traditional astrological geocentric view, we observe the recently revealed breadth of Saturn converging upon the Super Galactic Center (2 Libra plus or minus). This indicates the need for soul mating on a mass level. That’s not something that can be accomplished on a social networking site or match site, no matter how cosmic the site claims to be. It’s not about finding the completely compatible someone with whom one can share here and forever after. This process is something that occurs when the raw consciousness of each person on the planet meets with their spirit, aligns with that spirit and merges with that spirit. Back in the olden days way before HDTV, cable and satellite, the character images appearing on our television sets often walked about with blurry ghosted secondary images not fully infused with the true image. You could tweak those rabbit ears all you wanted without correcting the bleed off image. Perhaps a subservient sort would hold the antennae all the way through your favorite show, helping some in producing clarity. Even applying a liberal amount of crushed aluminum foil on the rabbit ears or wrapped around a cumbersome device on a roof top did not provide clear illumination of the protagonists.

It’s like that now with Saturn taking Simon-sez baby steps into a new sign. It’s time to take that ghosting image and merge it back with the protagonist of life - that would be you. Soul mating restores power, regenerates dedication to dharma and pushes forward in the direction of perceived and intended evolution.

Today the Sun stands firm with Ceres in Scorpio. This conjunction offers up an interesting combo because of Scorpio’s rulership over Pluto who abducted Ceres’ daughter into the underworld. Here Ceres in Scorpio receives the brilliant illumination of the Sun and all motives, agendas, tactics, plans, ploys, pursuits and purposes have the potential to become impeccably clear. Maybe even the point of the most personal inner balance implied by Saturn in Libra can be illuminated.

A series of suggestions squeeze out in between the Sun and Ceres in Scorpio. Consider:

Negotiate with yourself to release your psyche from all those impeding inherited, assumed or learned rules and structures that defy the best interest of your spirit.

Moving forward with what’s best for your core likely requires summoning the most valiant parts of your being and may result in a simmer of sensitivity.

Recognize all reactions and emotions as real and valid, doing your dangdest not to judge the quality of reaction... like good or bad. Give them the space to be. Clear them by riding them out (solitary as in Scorpio often works best for this part) to see if there's rainbow following the storm. Sort through the aftermath, putting on your best cap of consciousness and select a course of action to right the ship that no doubt has its GPS set on the high road. Ceres was known as a bitch on wheels, hell bent on revenge when she felt wronged. And she was willing to annihilate herself in the interest of getting back at those bastards. So it’s usually better to reach the clear state before calling in to state your view on talk radio, post a comment online or take on city hall. With Ceres you can take on and defeat city hall if your position is meritorious... if that’s not too large an if.

Harvest the best of your personal creativity. Cultivate discernment for the how, why and when of putting your cornucopia of consciousness out there for the world to see.

Ceres is a planet now. There’s another curious thing about Ceres, too. If one considers the ratio of her density to her relative gravity and of her density to her diameter, Ceres trumps all the other planets substantially in the magnitude of these measures. Density is how tightly packed a body happens to be. Symbolically density refers to intensity, intention and focus applied. Gravity represents an object’s ability to attract. Diameter refers to the breadth of an object and its physical reach. Though small and a difficult mythic signature to integrate, Ceres is a player. Most important in the process, the goddess of grain reminds us all never to go against our grain.

Two aside notes here. This past week both Mercury and Venus bracketed the dwarf planet Haumea on the day Hawaii received sanction to commence farming tuna. The tuna farms will conduct breeding in fisheries then release the stock in special areas of the sea to replace the hugely over-fished species. In Hawaiian lore, Haumea carried a stick from the Makalei tree, which when placed in the water, attracted fish. Thus, she was seen as a goddess of endless abundance. Given Mercury is involved, if we can keep the mercury out of these farmed fish, this might be quite the ticket for those fancying the Venusian taste for high quality sushi.

In the interest of looking ahead such that shifts in consciousness that might overturn the way life is conducted do not sneak up on a body, here’s something to ponder. Next year and into 2011, as Jupiter barrels through Pisces and Aries, every person alive on earth will receive the first transiting Jupiter conjunction to Eris since her discovery. Jupiter and the goddess of discord, Eris, once collaborated to make the Sun rise in the west for one day to right political injustices. On a personal level, this cooperative effort might just contain the juice necessary to set life right... at least for the twelve years or so until the next such opportunity. So get ready. This might be a brass ring. More on this as the transits get closer. This is just a “what if” you could overturn the momentum of your life into something more ideal... what would that look like?