Behold the Solstice ~ 18 December 2009

We now rapidly approach the change of seasons - the solstice, and what a solstice it shall be!

Venus, as noted in previous GT, presents its agenda of “make something worthwhile” to the ideas recently extracted from the potent and enlightening essence of the Galactic Center. Assign merit not only to the ideas you notice percolating as you set yourself aside from holiday frenzy from time to time, but to yourself. You are the one who tracked, downloaded and processed the ideas. You are the one presenting the ideas. And you are the one with the goods based upon these ideas that you now offer to a world hungry for mundane improvement and consciousness evolution.

To supercharge the solstice, Jupiter aligns with Neptune less than a day before the Sun treks into Capricorn, reinstalling hope, belief, inspiration and the willingness to aspire to previously unknown strata of greatness, no matter what the odds. This powerful connection inserts a thick layer of optimism under the clouds above such that the feeling cannot be missed. For some, if unfocused on what’s happening, a sense of enthusiasm and restlessness that could be dismissed as a surge of last minute holiday spirit excites their beings. For the focused ones, though, the courage and willingness to accept life’s dares while cognizant of risk and probabilities, push them forward on projects already started or soon to be initiated.

Most notably, packed up against this seasonal shift, Mars retrogrades on the 20th, slightly more than a day preceding the seasonal shift. Mars has been in Leo for what seems like more than a fair share of time already and there’s a heap more time to go... next June, in fact. Many astrologers will lean heavily on the caution to avoid initiating new activities until Mars goes direct on March 10th - a point with which I strongly agree for the most part. However, there are many other subtle, prevailing influences that establish undercurrent themes for Mars’ trend reversal, some of which may demand a call to action. These influences include a quincunx to Mercury in Capricorn and an opposition to Chiron in Aquarius - patterns likely to be noticed by most. Similarly important trends involving dwarf planets may elude astrologers who snub these newcomers. We might as well consider the trine of Mars to Eris in Aries and his square to Sedna in Taurus. What the hell? This is about getting stuff started and successfully completed. Knowing what all the tools in the tool box are and how to use those tools is a great idea.

But first, just in case you’re thinking, “If I don’t get things started within the next two days I have to wait until March, according to Mars??”, take a breath. Come January 29th, Mars and the Earth and the Sun align as seen from a larger view (heliocentric) of the solar system. Conscious direction of one’s will (Sun) into mundane (Earth) action and effort (Mars) can be initiated with a higher than normal expected degree of success despite the prevailing retrogradation of Mars.

Let’s break these patterns into bite size nuggets to ensure digestibility.

Mars quincunx Mercury - This is adjustment warfare, as in make the other party do the tweaking. Victory goes to those who can convince others of the rightness of their actions, whether right or wrong. Such victory, may become the proverbial “shot in the foot.” Ideally, both parties engaged in a moderate to extreme change your position scenario adjust modestly. This narrows any existing divides and ensures a win for all without compromising one’s integrity or ethics.

Mars opposite Chiron - It might be a good time to find a copy of the out of distribution movie or book The Road to Wellville for a fun look at evaluating sanity in healing protocols. Bottom line: add some fire or chi to your wellness campaigns. Apply constructive exercise that does not agitate or overexert your physical capacity. Consume some spicy food, digestion permitting. Engage in heated spiritual practices such as Bikram Yoga. Above all, overcome the belief in the PGA tour - you know, the pain and gain academy. No pain, no gain. How fun is that? Says this pattern, what if the healing applied with deliberate intent wants to be easier than you expect?

Mars trine Eris - There’s got to be a way to create major transformation without negative upheaval. There is. First, when your plan is good to go, make it available to all, ensuring that you avoid the negativity of the exclusion or shunning of a part of humanity. Assume that with a wide common denominator, everyone will want to be onboard with you. Ensure your actions are free of aspirations to climb the social ladder. You know, no crashing White House parties or assuming your presence is required where it’s not invited. While making money is healthy, strive to find a balance of abundance that does not stress you out. Create and innovative, out of the box plans to make sufficient money. You probably won’t accrue wealth reinventing someone else’s wheel (though many computer users could all use a new operating system for PC’s - and not to exclude Apple people). Stay centered with economic goals to avoid enduring the woes of avarice and over accumulation.

Mars square Sedna - Invest energy into physical wellness. Eat sustaining and in correct measure (not too much; not too little - yeah, yeah, it’s the holidays and time for stuffing). Stay warm or cool, depending upon your geographic hemisphere. When physically secure, invest your energy into designing and initiating activities that agree with the soul. It’s cool to make a big splash with your presence in an incarnation when guided by soulful direction. A lot more of the soulful direction theme will be seen in the week to come.

Sure Mars is about to back up. It’s true he’s the second least likely planet to be found retrograde (Venus is number one). But it’s not the end of the world. If projects in progress hit speed bumps, no need to honk your horn in protest. Slow down, re-evaluate, find the most efficient application of energy, shelve your ego so you can respond favorably to valid constructive criticism, revise agendas as necessary and you’re intact with the cycle. For new projects, there’s no need to rush them out there. Find subtle ways to preview what you promise to render later. There’s nothing like a good buzz in the air, is there? And why not ride the ongoing assist from Jupiter and stir enthusiasm for what you’ll do once you cross the next horizon?

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