A Plus ~ 27 Feb 2009

The sky gets an A+ out there. Venus and Eris lead the A Team from their positions in Aries, getting a leg up on the seven bodies following in Aquarius - if you include the potent centaur Nessus, that is. Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming trends so that every person can receive a grade of A+ in response to the factors above.

Venus, in Aries, shining brightly prepares to go retrograde and descend into the “underworld” of invisibility. She commences retrograde motion March 6 and remains backing up until April 16. Since Venus is the least likely of the planets to retrograde, this is a big deal. The nutshell nugget of her present track in Aries reads: Everybody wants what they want and they want it right now! They just have no idea what it is that they want - unless of course they do the symbolic underworld retreat gesture of solitary contemplation.

Mercury, fresh off playing within a conjunction Jupiter, moves up to Mars on March 1. So what big ideas came to pass with Mercury-Jupiter? Lofty aspiration and innovative concepts must be followed by complete and devoted implementation to the plan. Mercury to Mars in Aquarius argues that it’s totally likely that you can make it up as you go along and invoke the freedom to be fickle act whenever you want. Meanwhile, that strange noise you hear is Saturn clearing his throat across the crowded room. Pay attention. He has his nose down, low to the ground with a rather furrowed forehead and an emphatically wagging index finger. “The sooner Aquarians and planets in Aquarius learn that I am their co-ruler, the faster crap gets done! What’s wrong with these planets today? Back in the old days before transits were delivered in SMS (short message service - those pesky text messages of 160 characters or less), you had time to paint an eloquent verbal picture of the heavens and study photographs on a blink comparator. Not anymore,” the task master laments.

Mercury leaves Aquarius for Pisces on March 8. Until then, the Aquarius A+ collection reigns. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, Nessus and Node all surf the shores of the water bearer. It is not safe to take the hematite ankle bracelets off the body yet. Course, any self respecting Aquarian will be wearing the hematite hand bracelets on the ankles and the ankle bracelets... well surely those go on some other unusual and interesting body location.

Mercury, while addressing the quick to conclude nature of Jupiter and apparently pressured for impulsive response by Mars achieved aphelion yesterday - it’s most distant and slowest velocity point in orbit around the Sun. What an oxymoronic shove from above. While the conjunctions to Jupiter and Mars put people in a hard-pressed position to come up with new and innovative ideas and/or start cooperating for a change, Mercury from the Sun’s point of view is moving in its presumably most contemplative location from heliocentric Sagittarius. Make sure it makes sense before engaging or so muses Mercury. Dare he say, “Mars be damned?” Only if he exposes his thinking for action at precisely the right time.

Come March 14th, Mars enters Pisces geocentrically, invoking an era of following instinctive reactions. From the Sun’s point of view, Mars enters Pisces on April 10th. Courtesy of the geocentric reference, here we perceive mundane effects, preceding the consciousness implication of heliocentric perspective. People do first and later, stop to figure out what those actions meant in the overall big picture schema. Most important to the after the fact wave of consciousness with respect to action is the time when Mars reaches its closet contact to the Sun, on April 21st. Statistically, this connection demonstrates an interval of increased solar activity that could mark the acceleration of coronal mass ejections and such as we close in on Solar Max in 2011. Such solar energy emanations feel a lot like those highly ionized winds that nature gives us. You know the winds that can make a body mighty out of sorts with the spirit, and as a result, give the personality a downright cranky disposition.

As well, Mars at his own perihelion typically results in violent weather patterns. No matter where in the world you live, take all weather alerts issued in mid-April with added consideration. In Tornado Alley, take no risks. If climbing the mountains of Chile and a blizzard is forecast, expect it to be what is promised.

Another coming soon important pattern forms on March 18th bringing Jupiter and the centaur Nessus together on the same page. Nessus, despite his bad boy reputation does hold merit; and Jupiter has a reputation to offering second changes to those he favors. Nessus represents the healing of bad blood with forgiveness and creates the space to psychologically heal wounds of economic-professional or relationship origin. While this is not the “second chance” nature attributed to Ixion, Nessus realizes that holding grudges that cut off one’s nose to spite the face does not further or make sense in the practical world. Possibly someone might reconsider a previous financial dealing that went bust before. Things like working with a movie company that shut down the deal right before cutting the check or re-publishing a book with a company once accounting snafus get sorted. Please be advised, this is NOT a suggestion that condo or house flipping is back - that agenda roots in greed, not a factor of this pattern where one’s creative outpouring of the soul delivers the product. Reassess. Shed blame, grief and remorse and look for all new opportunities on the horizon.

Next week, Pholus nears the Great Attractor!

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