The Humanity of Eris ~ 10 April 2007

When the name for the dwarf planet that caused the chaos in our solar system’s definition was given to her, many astrologers lamented the associated mythology demanding to know where the humanity in Eris could be found. Actually, her humanity is the disruption of status quo and the standing of reality as it is known on its ear. While less than easy as a transformative process, she is effective. During the past couple of days, the Sun - the harbinger of conscious attention and clarity aligned with the goddess of discordance. Many headlines could fit, but I shudder to think the Larry Birkhead-Howard Stern paternity conflict ate up the best page space.

Now there’s a newly named kid in the Kuiper club. On August 20, 2001, astronomers first catalogued 2001 QT297, later known as minor planet 88611. Last week this object took the second Native American name assigned in space, Teharonhiawako. Yep, that’s a mouthful. T-wako, for those familiar with truncating dinosaur names, maintains an orbital period of 292.71 years and holds its north node at 4 Aquarius 40 and perihelion at 7 Libra 21. The perihelion degree exactly aligns with that of Eris (7 Libra 27), rendering an indication of humanity to the largest known Kuiper body.

Mythologically, Teharonhiawako, comes from the Iroquois. His tale is one of Creation. It commences with the time in which people lived beyond the stars. Once, though, a pregnant woman fell from the sky. Because of the magic earth she brought with her from beyond, she began creating many good things on Earth. She gave birth to a daughter who gave birth to twin sons: Teharonhiawako and Sawiskera. Teharonhiawako birthed naturally through the birth canal but Sawiskera came from her armpit. Teharonhiawako was responsible for all good things that grew most important corn, fruit and tobacco. His brother was responsible for weeds, vermin and other earthly ills. Sawiskera constantly sought to disrupt his brother’s good work. When Teharonhiawako created roses, Sawiskera followed adding thorns. Finally as they fought, Teharonhiawako banished Sawiskera into the realm of dark and night.

Here, we see an antidote to the chaos of disruptive deity. Combining a healing mythology with the tight conjunction between the perihelia of the latest two Kuiper naming events, restoration of beauty, order and tranquility can occur. Consider that the resistant acceptance of global warming by the administration of the United States begrudgingly occurred while the naming process for Teharonhiawako occurred. The Native prayerful phrase, “All my relations,” potently fits the Aquarian/Libran orbital elements. Everything on Earth and everywhere affects everything else. Cooperation and harmony must be restored. As the name of the body was presented, the standoff between Britain and Iran involving captured marines resolved without a shot fired. There is hope. The appeal of this body seeks sanity and cognitive understanding that one nation affects every other nation just as one person affects every other person. A refreshing perspective attaches to the recent archetypes applied in our solar system.

There’s more to come, too. Mike Brown, one of the discoverers of Eris recently reported that 2003 EL61, one of the three larger bodies coming to light in 2005 (Eris and 2005 FY9 being the others) received a proposed namesake. In slowness rivaled only by galactic revolution, the International Astronomical Union has taken the name under consideration. While Brown would not spill the beans, he did say the names suggested for EL61 and its two moons come from Hawaiian lore. EL61 offers its own interesting signatures. While the “spin” applied by politicians, pundits and those of the press attempts to dictate the track of collective perceptions, we find this, the fastest spinning object in our solar system (a day lasts only four hours), to be an oblong shaped dwarf planet. Things might not be as circuitous as you’d imagine. Further, EL61 is almost pure rock while its counterparts seem to be pure ice. The evidence implied? These bodies likely were all once part of a larger object and an impact occurred long ago that fragmented that body. Hmm.

2003 EL61 maintains a 284.77 year orbit with a node of 2 Leo 2 and a perihelion of 1 Aries 4. More on this body as it receives its name.

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