Don’t Snub Eris - Horoscopic Extremes of the Archetype of Discord

In consideration of Eris and for astrologers to gain a needed affection and application of the disruptive planet, perhaps an examination of charts in which Eris stood as notable for better for worse or for yet to be determined, offers a solid start and prevents astrologers from the blunder of snubbing Eris.


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Lucy Lawless

When astronomers first came in contact with Eris, her provisional designation was 2003 UB313. Awkward to say and even more difficult to work into conversation, they came up with a nickname for the body as they had done with other objects; other noteworthy Kuiper Belt bodies bore slang names such as the Easter Bunny, Flying Dutchman and Santa Claus. The first such name for Eris was Xena. Actually, the astronomers applied strong logic in this naming. They wanted a strong mythic archetype. They also preferred a mythic name to preserve the tradition established by Clyde Tombaugh when searching for Pluto of referring to the new discovery as Planet X. As Tombaugh searched for the unknown planet, he applied X as an unknown per math equation nomenclature. Mike Brown et al, used Planet X in the context of tenth planet. Pop culture savvy prevailed and the television series heroine, warrior goddess Xena, known in real life as Lucy Lawless, became the provisional colloquial name until Eris took her official astronomical title in September 2006.

As we can see, Eris (the glyph that looks like either Uranus wearing a tightly cinched belt, or a skinny Pluto reflected in the waters of the River Styx) stands directly between the self personification of Lawless’ Sun and her “it’s carved in stone and a symbol forever” Saturn. Could there be a better person to personify the symbolic embodiment of this planet? Was it her destiny? Lawless’ Moon/north node midpoint weighs in at 12 Aries 22, less than one degree from the placement of Eris. No doubt.

One final note about Ms. Lawless’ influence: The moon of Eris, Dysnomia, is the goddess of lawlessness.





Joan of Arc and other French women personifying Eris



Astrologers often like to return to the last time a newly discovered body transited the same sign as the sign of its discovery in the interest of insight and clarity regarding its current influences. For Eris we must retreat in time five centuries and six decades or there about. Somehow in the search of chart databases for examples, a Xena-like icon popped out at me without even considering the frame work of time. Joan of Arc, warrior, martyr and saint might offer such an example. As it turned out, a fine Erisian example was she.


Joan incarnated during the generational influence of Eris square the idealistic, willing to sacrifice for causes, Neptune. With Neptune in Cancer, the English snubbed the right of the French to rule for themselves and assumed their right to spread Britannia across the waves and invaded. Incensed and inspired by the plight of the French and at the age of 17, Joan of Arc commanded an army that settled battles with decisiveness and swift severity, winning battlefield contests described as miraculous (Eris loved bloodshed and war, thus gaining the reputation as nurse of the battlefield). Joan of Arc personalized her involvement with the Eris-Neptune generational theme of overturn the suppressors with a Mercury-Ceres conjunction in Capricorn, which opposed the Neptune to Eris square.

Mercury and Ceres maintain a noteworthy mythic relationship in that Mercury served the gods when Ceres became enraged by the abduction of her daughter, Persephone/Core, by Pluto, lord of the Underworld. Mercury delivered the messages to and fro such that Ceres did not destroy the agriculture of Earth as threatened, this in exchange for the release of her daughter. In personal and civic terms, Eris-Neptune appeared as the hellish British attempting capture of the French. Joan of Arc answered personally by serving the cause of setting the French free, directing commands of battle, perhaps based on the voices she heard. Ironically, Joan of Arc became a captive herself. Hearing voices in her head and insisting upon wearing men’s clothing in prison (we will see three other Eris examples to follow of women wearing men’s uniforms) she was tried for witchcraft and heresy. Awarded a judgment of guilt, she earned the fate of death by burning at the stake.

In 1456, Joan of Arc received a retrial and was found innocent of the charges. Though it did her little good, the position of Eris in 1456 opposed her natal moon for the entire course of that year and established the stage for future posthumous events of fame, martyrdom and sainthood, all truly Neptune assessments. On May 18, 1909, Joan of Arc became beatified. Now in Pisces Eris lingered in a square to Pluto in Gemini and at noon in the Vatican on the day of the ceremonial rendering, the Moon in Aries stood exactly conjunct the natal Eris of the celebrated soul’s birth. Then, on May 16, 1920, Pope Benedict XV declared Joan of Arc a saint. With Eris lingering at the 29th degree of Pisces, Pluto in Cancer and Chiron in Aries formed better late than never aspects to Joan of Arc’s natal moon. At noon, the Moon and Sedna aligned in Aries, opposing the Saint’s natal Jupiter (a great fan and friend of Eris) and Moon.



Three centuries later, the populace of France began an overturning thrust against the French Monarchy. At 3:30 in the afternoon of July 14, 1789, Eris and Neptune found themselves again square, but in very different signs, Capricorn and Libra, respectively. The issue remained the same: the suppression and subjugation of the French people, this time by the economic control and extreme caste system of French society (hold onto this theme for matters later in the Eris chart parade). Enough was enough; the Bastille was stormed.

Two days before, the Sun in Cancer brought the pot to boil and triggered the event to come as it rallied Eris by opposition. The momentum of the day was fanned by the Moon a half day away from an exact square from Eris’ favorite sign, Aries (because she is most distant from the Sun while in the Sign of Aries, she spends more than 20% of her period in that sign. As myths were told, she was the constant companion of the troublemakers Ceto and Ares - Aries). The revolt had begun riding the liberation template of Neptune square Eris yet again.

Similar to the postmortem embellishment of Joan of Arc, the French would assign a mythic archetype to a symbol of independence and the French Republic. Known by the name Marianne, the bust of a peasant woman of simple beauty, has become a symbol of French patriotism, determination and unwillingness to be suppressed (or to use an Eris word, excluded from its own party). In recent times, movie personalities and models received the distinction of personifying the icon, similar to the Lucy Lawless’ phenomenal personification of Eris.


Brigitte Bardot


The first of these icons was Brigette Bardot. Not only was Bardot a charismatic, simply captivating Libran (due to significant degree of her Sun, which was aligned with the supermassive black hole at the core of our Super-Galaxy), her Sun opposed Eris within a two-degree arc, and these angles closely corresponded with the natal degree of Eris in the horoscope of Joan of Arc! Born with natal Eris within a degree of the natal Eris of the Saint, Bardot essentially incarnated one Eris cycle later. Her personification of the Marianne was a fitting homage to the foremost female French liberator of five and a half centuries ago.


















Catherine Deneuve


Following Bardot’s role as Marianne icon, actress Catherine Deneuve received the distinction of portraying Marianne. A Libran like Bardot, Denueve’s connections to Eris stand out as an opposition to Neptune and a generous square to the dwarf planet who symbolizes the release of those captured in hell, Ceres. Let us recall Joan of Arc, like Deneuve, held a t-square as her banner that involved Eris, Neptune and Ceres. Rather remarkable in a not so coincidental sort of way. Since the figurine of Marianne is known as a bust (and with comments immediately following), it seems notable that in 1965 Deneuve commented, “My bust is small.”


















Laetitia Casta


The more recent assignment as icon of the Marianne went to model Laetitia Casta. Said Catherine Doumas of Casta, "...she’s the prettiest. And Marianne, is of course, usually represented as a bust [i.e., a statue]. Casta obviously has the nicest bust of them all."


Laetitia Casta, who broke on scene as a Guess Jeans model in 1995 at the youthful age of 15, once commented that her breasts "were raised on butter and crème fraîche." Like Joan of Arc, Casta benefits from Jupiter and the Moon in the same sign (time unknown, but at 5:00 A.M. on her birth date, she’d have a precise lunar alignment with Jupiter). Moon-Jupiter for Joan of Arc’s fell in Libra, Casta’s lunar-Jupiter connection take up residence in Cancer.

More to point, Casta represents a transformative shift to the image of the Marianne. Thus far, the principals maintained a Neptune-Eris pattern, replicating the “overthrow the tyrants” pattern present in the horoscopes of Joan of Arc and the Storming of the Bastille. Casta’s Eris in Aries falls in a direct opposition to Pluto, marking the commencement of new generation of Erisian thinking. It’s very philosophical and personal to Casta. How could it be anything but personal with the Eris-Pluto opposition squaring her Jupiter and Moon? Said Casta of her appointment: "To represent France, liberty and a certain idea of what a woman is (Jupiter-Moon stuff) – that’s a hell (Pluto) of a responsibility." To complete the chart parallels, Joan of Arc held a natal Mercury-Ceres conjunction in a cardinal sign, Casta sports a Mercury-Ceres square in Cardinal signs, both sharing Mercury in Capricorn.

May the strong feminine icons of Eris prevail!





Isaac Newton

The mythology of Eris contains strong apple symbolism. Should one think about the immutable laws of nature, especially those than cannot be upset by discord, one might think of gravity. Should one think of gravity and the development of its immutable law, one thinks of Sir Isaac Newton, who allegedly sat under the apple tree alone and contemplated gravity after watching an apple fall from the tree. Wouldn’t it just be something if Eris stood out as notably involved with personal planets in Newton’s chart?

Of course it does, otherwise it wouldn’t be in this section. So, at Newton’s birth Eris in Cancer aligned with the Moon - often associated with food stuffs, as in an apple - in the natal ninth house of philosophy and in some rulership declarations, the concept behind laws. The Eris-Moon conjunction trined the Sedna of Newton, to add another new dwarf planet to the mix. On a good day in strong, positive usage, Sedna purports the selection of potent spiritual choices. It should be noted that with the strong ninth house placement of Eris, he was perceived by clergy and religious scholars of his time to be a rather upsetting influence with his law of gravity, natural religion and occult studies and such.

Newton was also responsible for a re-coinage, an attempt to eliminate counterfeit currency. The Eris parallel here refers to the efforts of Spanish astrologers to hijack the discovery of minor planet 136108 and Eris and claim it as their own. (Eris refers to counterfeiting - economic fraud, election fraud and Internet hacking and fraud).

It is believed that he conjured the concept of gravity in 1665 or 1666 when Eris hovered just beyond a square to his nodal axis of Libra/Aries.




The American Civil War

Let’s move forward in history and out of the tone of Eris-Neptune, but let’s examine another instance in which suppression, subjugation and in this case slavery, was part of the theme.

The documentation of the first shot of the American Civil War is well recorded. Early on the morning of April 12, 1861, Brigadier General P. G. T. Beauregard of the Confederate States Army dispatched a message to the commander of Fort Sumter, Major Robert Anderson, demanding his surrender. Anderson refused. Bombardment began at 4:20 A.M. that morning with Captain Abner Doubleday, falsely credited for inventing/designing America’s pastime of baseball, firing the first return volley on behalf of Union forces.

While the main issue behind the Civil War remains etched in minds of most school children as slavery, there were many matters at hand. For the point of evolutionary accomplishment - the emancipation of the slaves by Lincoln - a major human rights wrong felt the first blow of a disruptive opposition to its abhorrent ways. Consider Eris in the chart of the first shot for the Civil War. Eris slunk through the sign of the down trodden and subject to involuntary incarceration and slavery, Pisces, formed a square with “start a fight” Mars and the “for the good of humanity” planet, Uranus, both in Gemini. Ceres, the newly assigned dwarf planet that we’ve seen in other “free the people” patterns squared from Gemini the Mercury, Sedna, Neptune conjunction, also appears in Pisces.

Additionally, Eris widely aligned with the healer Chiron and stood defiantly across the chart from rule maker, profit monger, patriarchal Saturn. With Eris sextile Pluto in Taurus, change was in the winds of war, slow Taurean change. As things often go in the United States, social change persists in remaining glacially slow (suffrage took from 1878 to 1920, in defined legislative terms) and it wasn’t until 1964, nearly a century after the end of the Civil War, when Eris inched up to Venus (still three to four years away) and Saturn in Pisces opposed the Saturn of the Civil War and stood in the narrow longitudinal gap between Chiron and Eris.





Wright Brothers First Flight

One of the most radical “upset the apple cart” discoveries that officially seemed to defy Newton’s law of gravity came with the first recognized airplane flight. Instead of glee, people rebuffed the concept of flight in a manner consistent with many Galactic Center discoveries (the Sun/Uranus conjunction bracketed the Galactic Center). Yep, the Wright Brothers had gone and done something off kilter, probably against the Will of God. What in tarnation were they thinking? At first, few dared be included in such evil science. That sounds a lot like an approximate alignment of Eris’ pal and fan Jupiter and the goddess of discord (in one myth Jupiter enlisted the assistance of Eris in conspiracy to reverse the motion of the Sun, Moon and stars). If you square the Jupiter-Eris pattern with something that forces conscious attention of a revolutionary invention that sounds a bit like a square to Sun-Uranus in Sagittarius. And from Jupiter-Eris there’s the matter of the square to underworldly Pluto. Flying, you do it. You hate it. Sometimes it’s just hell - especially when sitting next to a bombastic pundit who knows how to upset the status quo and save the world, as personified by all the patterns above. Yeah, but why do they always have to sit next to you?

Ironically, now most of humankind takes to the skies and on airlines that create their own caste system of inclusion and exclusion, termed first class and coach. Oh yes, and don’t be left out! Join the mileage program!





Dr. Judith Resnik

“I think something is only dangerous if you are not prepared for it, or if you don't have control over it or if you can't think through how to get yourself out of a problem,” so said astronaut Judith Resnik. In 1984, Dr. Judith Resnik became the second American woman to travel in space. In 1986 she was part of the Challenger crew that would carry a civilian, a female teacher named Christa McAuliffe into the heavens as one of Resnik’s co-mission specialists. A doctor in astrophysics, Resnik undisputedly was brilliant and beautiful - a stellar personification of the modern woman.

Resnik also personified Aries as only few souls dare. Using the dwarf planets, Resnik’s horoscope flaunted six planets plus the lunar node and dark moon Lilith all scurrying for first in line in Aries. Once she was quoted as saying she would never be old. Her death in relative youth confirmed her claim and assured her immortality. At birth she managed a grand fire trine between the Eris, Mercury conjunction, trine Chiron in Sagittarius and trine Ceres in Leo. Undoubtedly, Resnik stood as a messenger of healing the feminine archetype by the defying the rule that women had to be either beautiful or brilliant, but not both in one place. She changed all at. With her Jupiter in Capricorn quincunx Saturn in Leo, she shunned the label of first Jewish astronaut. She wanted to be known, according to Mercury conjunct Eris for her mind and recognized for what the spirit of a woman can accomplish.

On January 28, 1986, at 11:39 A.M., less than two minutes above Florida she perished in the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger, along with six colleagues. An interesting doctrine manifestation resulted from her death and those of her colleagues. During pre launch meetings as NASA engineers and Morton Thiokol engineers and scientists battled with image and PR problems, a consensus of agreement was forced upon participating parties. There could be no discord of decision, seemingly in defiance of the nature of Resnik’s chart and the discordant result of a flawed launch of which details were known and hidden. The hostages were taken over details and facts could be confirmed by the applying quincunx of Moon-Ceres in Virgo to Eris in Aries of the Challenger explosion. As a concluding note, one of the derivative meanings of Eris is, “Things of You Know Not Of”

The time of Resnik’s birth remains unknown to my sources. Should one use an arbitrary 6:00 A.M. on the day of her birth, at the time of the explosion the transit of Eris exactly, to the minute conjoined her natal Sun! Her spirit ranges amongst the stars and her immortality secured with a crater on the lunar surface given her namesake.

Fidel Castro

Let’s return to revolutionary ways and individuals of power who deny the needs of the masses while maintaining an iron-fisted dictatorial grasp over the people. What the hell, let’s throw in a radical, once a revolutionary, who’s willing to upset the entire world with the potential discord of nuclear war, originating from a dispute over weapons installations and conflict on his turf.

A symbolic Erisian thread continues and amplifies here. To back up a moment, a baseball is a bit like an Eris tossed golden apple. The scramble for the coveted horsehide sphere turns fans with a common favorite team into hockey checking enemies. A baseball is a treasure indeed and only the fairest of ball catchers emerges with the prize. Though not actually discovered by Abner Doubleday, baseball’s reach spread outside the United States where it dangles a carrot of wealth and fame to the impoverished in other countries, particularly island communities in the Caribbean - like Cuba for instance. Castro wanted to be a major league pitcher. How would history, the Kennedy administration’s legacy, Krushchev’s United Nations histrionics, the cold war, nuclear arms and the doomsday clock be different had it not been for Castro? Who knows, but Castro did assume power in Cuba and with staggering influence.

Castro’s natal chart sports an Eris-Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries, trining Saturn in Sagittarius and Mercury in Leo. Two points to be made about this alignment: 1.) Again we have Jupiter and Eris conspiring to reverse the order of the heavens and alter the political fate of Earth. Jupiter arranged the celestial fiasco with Eris to overturn a rulership issue in the land of Mycenae where he favored a ruler different from the properly appointed one. 2.) Eris does not discriminate regarding her use of aspects. She thinks in terms of energy and cares not whether the energy is favorable or malefic. She only needs a channel for the energy. Any energy will do. As any baseball player can tell, if booed when at bat and if confident, the energy can be used to hit a home run just as easily as any other outcome.

In Castro’s chart we witness Mercury in “my way or the highway” Leo (also in alignment with dwarf planet 136108), Saturn in the international diplomacy (or lack thereof) sign of Sag to install dictatorial “what are you going to do, make a Federal case out of it?” attitudes. “Never mind your silly blockages, embargos and boycotts, we know what we’re doing.” Ah, and Saturn is widely conjunct the “I’ll cut off my nose to spite my face” when angry beyond reason Ceres. Both these patterns trine the sometimes righteous, occasionally arrogant and the always internationally minded Jupiter, in cahoots with revolutionary Uranus (Castro was first a revolutionary) and “I don’t care what upset I cause... even war, Eris.”

How amazing is it that with the involvement of the United States meddling with every country communistic or terrorist ridden that we’ve left Cuba alone since the Bay of Pigs fiasco? Could it be that grand trine in Castro’s chart, including the goddess of discord? With Eris transiting to trine Castro’s Sun, rumors of his death prevailed, his illness has been verified and the dictator stepped down in February 2008 as Pluto made his first nudge to square the dictator’s Eris. The power has shifted and Castro no doubt shall soon head to the ball park in the sky... assuming he’s not blocked from entering by Charon. Wonder if they’ll let him play?











Julie Croteau

Speaking of letting him play, what about letting her play? Julie Croteau grew up playing baseball starting at the age of six. Successful in Little League, she proceeded through various leagues up until high school, where her high school refused to let her play. In 1998 she sued but lost. All was not lost for Croteau. When she entered college at St. Mary’s College of Maryland she made the men’s team and became a potent and deserving central figure to sports media. After all, she was the first woman to ever play on a men’s NCAA team, Division I baseball. Later in life, Croteau coached a men’s NCAA baseball team at Western New England College and later became a coach for women’s teams entering the Women’s World Cup of Baseball Championships in Edmonton (2004) and Taiwan (2006). She played for the women’s pro team, the Colorado Silver Bullets. Most notably, she is one of two women to have played in an MLB sanctioned game, this one in the Hawaiian Winter League. Because of that accomplishment, her glove is on display in the Baseball Hall of Fame. She acted as baseball stunt double for Anne Ramsey in the movie, A League of Their Own.

Like anyone with Eris in Aries trine Sun, Croteau assumed an optimistic attitude that she should be allowed to play baseball. She had played baseball her entire life. When excluded by her high school team and feeling the wound to the Achilles heel of Eris - being left out, she fought back. She expected a fortuitous outcome, with her Eris trine to the Sun in Sagittarius, but instead received an unexpected outcome courtesy of the Eris opposition to Uranus. Since her Mars in Libra taught her to play nice, she waited and exacted her revenge by making her college team and using the Sun’s alignment with the Great Attractor, became a sports media favorite.

Croteau’s chart works as an example of using resident energy of a horoscope constructively, after quickly learning the discordant approach did not further her cause. The issue of exclusion remains a strong one with Eris and in many arenas as we shall continue to see. But first, more baseball.

Pete Rose

The all time base hit record holder Pete Rose, despite fan support to the contrary, will likely never have his glove, bat or uniform in the Baseball Hall of Fame. “Charley Hustle” as the five planets in Aries (including the dwarf planets Sedna and Eris) demonstrate the epitome of Aries on the field of play. Was he as egomaniacal and always thinking of himself first as some contend? Probably. No matter. He could spark a ball club and had a way of unnerving the opposition. Like Eris at a party, no pitcher and no team relished the time when Rose shouldered his weapon of choice - a sleek ash bat. Natally, Rose stepped to the plate with Mercury and Eris conjunct and aligned with the south lunar node, both square Ceres in Capricorn. Mercury and Eris fleshed out a grand trine with Pluto in Leo and the Moon in Sagittarius. He loved the game and its thrill, so much so, his Sag Moon could not help him from “speculating” to feed the love of greed held by both Pluto and Eris. He started betting and at times against/for the team upon which he played/coached/managed.

On August 24, 1989, Rose accepted an agreement of permanent ineligibility for any involvement in professional because of his illegal involvement in gambling. At the time of this reluctant agreement, Uranus and Saturn in early Capricorn approached his natal Ceres, which squared his natal Uranus. Other planetary runners stood on base, too. Jupiter in Cancer opposed the Saturn-Uranus connection which also squared his natal Eris. Like Joan of Arc, Rose held natal patterns involving Ceres, Mercury and Eris; like Castro, Eris foraged in a grand fire trine.

On February 4, 1991, the Baseball Hall of Fame voted to preclude any individual on baseball’s list of ineligibility from placement within their hallowed halls. On that day, Pluto formed a tough sesquiquadrate to Rose’s natal Eris. Even Ceres, who loves to rescue captives in Pluto’s world could not even get in the on deck circle for Rose. She stood quincunx his natal Ceres that day. To date, and despite many appeals, Rose continues his appeals, holding hope and betting on baseball’s change of heart to allow his inclusion in the Hall. Maybe in a few years when Eris reaches Venus shall his fate change. If not then, maybe in a few more years after that, when Eris reaches his Sun by conjunction, a change of heart would not be out of the question. Regardless, he won’t stop. He is “Charlie Hustle,” after all.


Danica Patrick

When you think of a new moon in Aries and ponder how that person might drive, the obvious thought appearing says, “Fast, very fast.” That would be true of Danica Patrick, new moon in Aries. Wait, it gets faster. Eris in Aries revs her engine directly opposed Mars in Libra. Mars of course, similarly conjures images of speed, raciness, taking chances, pushing the limits and danger. If you don’t recognize her from the ads on TV, she’s the very attractive professional IndyCar race driver. In 2005 she was that class’s Rookie of the Year and became the fourth woman in history to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 race. Danica qualified in the fourth starting position - the highest ever achieved by a woman in that venue. All this as Eris began its long transit in opposition to natal Saturn (and sextile her Venus in Aquarius). That year and for the next two as the Eris transit to Saturn tightened, she won no major races, but received most popular driver honors for three years running. Included and not, all at the same time; how Eris-Saturn is that?

Richard Petty, racing icon, once unknowingly commented about Danica’s Eris to Saturn/Venus transit: “I just don't think it's a sport for women, and so far, it's proved out. It's really not. It's good for them to come in. It gives us a lot of publicity, it gives them publicity. But as far as being a real true racer, making a living out of it, it's kind of tough.”

Other colleagues have opinions that accurately delineate her chart. Consider the comment about natal Eris opposing Venus offered by fellow IRL driver, Ed Carpenter, "I think Danica's pretty aggressive in our cars. I mean, you know especially if you catch her at the right time of the month, she might be trading plenty of paint out there." Evidently he heard that Eris opposing Mars might call him on his commentary. He later replied that he meant no disrespect, and that he felt she could hold her own on whatever circuit she was in. Nice try at a save, pal. Eris ain’t going for it.

If you go to her website ( you can hear a song about her being a super girl setting the world on fire and buy her book Crossing the Line. Can you think of a clearer way of self-affirming one’s own horoscope? Who else can pull off a TV commercial about getting speeding tickets? There are frequent Danica sightings at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona as she attends baseball games, to surface Eris’ odd association with that sport. Danica, like Julie Croteau, personifies the transcendence of invisible social barriers that exclude qualified, competent people, insult sensibilities, injure psyches and maim aspiring spirits. For anyone who’s ever felt left out, not good enough or subject to social rejection, Danica might be a strong contender for patron saint.

America Ferrara

Prior to the naming of Eris, there existed a simple, ultra effective manner of gaining a glimpse of the insights to be rendered by the planet. This method involves a simple interpretation of the significant orbital elements of a body that can be longitudinally assessed, though heliocentric. The perihelion degree of Eris is 7 Libra 27 and the ascending node can be found at 5 Taurus 53. Given that this body is well beyond the transformational range of Pluto, the naming should have indicated some sort of resurrection or creation deity. Suggestively, this body would take the results of Pluto’s transformative efforts and shape them into something viable and contributive, completing an evolutionary ecology. Loosely, the Taurus and Libra dynamics indicate a body hell bent on transforming attitudes toward money, materialism, relationships - especially trophy relationships - and the good life. With the naming of Eris these attributes sharpened, indicating the planet’s desire to become the principal tool in the fight to overcome individual and societal addiction to status, success and a life so contrived, it can no longer be enjoyed.

When Sedna appeared, the film industry granted two poster children films to successfully integrate the planetary archetype she bore. These were Whale Rider and Corpse Bride, both incredible personifications of the subtleties of Sedna. Somewhere Eris would appear in media representations. The initial manifestation came on September 28, 2006 at 8:00 p.m. in New York when the show Ugly Betty first aired.

This show focuses upon an awkward, gangly young woman with aspirations of working at New York’s finest fashion magazine. She can barely dress herself with resembling style. Her social graces and sophistication in settings with the pretty people and the fairest of them all, fall well below the standards of the elite, wealthy fashion crowd. Somehow Betty’s (as in Ugly) authenticity and warmth consistently and persistently melts the exclusionary force fields and she successfully guides receptive souls to the brink of making and creating choices that lead to lives worth living, instead of hollow, status-driven lifestyles.

America Ferrara, an actress who’s taken more than one controversial role in her time, portrays Ugly Betty. Natally, America’s chart takes the dwarf planet fashion runway wearing Ceres and Venus, the archetypal planet of money, social standing and relationship and ruler of the signs of the Eris perihelion and lunar node conjunct with Eris in the most daring red Aries can imagine. Literally, she personifies releasing the psyche from the hostage states of having to have, looking the cool way and painful obsession with one’s “fairness.” When the show took the airwaves in September 2006, it was just weeks following the naming of Eris and the premiere episode flashed a trine to the Moon in Sagittarius (Jupiter ruled sign) a quincunx to Jupiter in Scorpio. Best of all, Mars, ruler of Aries and kin to Ares, one of Eris’ entourage, opposed the natal Ceres-Venus-Eris conjunction in America’s chart. Says Ugly Betty, “Declare your independence from addictions to greed, economic lust, social standing and professional stature. Enter soulful rehab now and rejoice!”

The show took off and in its second season maintains potently strong ratings, indicating wide popularity. The reason why is simple. Since Eris represents ugly ducklings, those who have been rejected from clicks or felt awkward, lacking in skill or generally unwanted, this show appeals to anyone who has ever felt such psychic pangs. As a result, the show appeals to everyone and rips upon the very superficial social standards so many seek to obtain with frenzied abandon. It’s an antidote for sure. Here’s one example in which America is a global standard for sure.

Miscellaneous Eris Notes:


The Galactic Center


When Karl Jansky of Bell Labs detected square waves (September 10, 1932, 7:10 P. M., Holmdel, NJ) early one evening, he did not know he had “discovered” the Galactic Center. Nor did he realize that the discordant nature of undiscovered Eris early in Aries formed a precise adjustment oriented quincunx to the planet of thinking and mental cognition, Mercury in Virgo. Eris formed a sextile to a progressively minded, cosmically curious Moon in Aquarius and trined lovely Venus in luxurious Leo. While not a classically glamorous event, Jansky's detection altered collective consciousness to include greater receptivity to the unknown - exactly how Eris would like it.



But days after Ugly Betty premiered, the Showtime Network launched its new series Dexter. The primary character in this series is Dexter Morgan, a fictional blood splatter forensic specialist, who in his spare time works as a serial killer of murderers the Miami-Dade police cannot put away. The show is evocative, bloody, psychologically insightful, sexy and rich in dark humor. The last episode of the first season was the highest rated show in the network’s history, proving that Eris loves bloodshed, and again, a personality outcast by others for its oddities and nature of a dark, troubled soul. In the second season, the show blew away all Showtime ratings records and gained wide acclaim. When the show premiered, Mars in Libra moved into a beginning opposition to Eris in what astrologers would classify as an orb for Pluto - good enough for Pluto, certainly good enough for the more massive and larger Eris.

The actor playing Dexter is Michael C. Hall (1 February 1971, time unknown, Raleigh, NC - but he is an actor, and actors have been known to lie to astrologers about their data even when coming for a consultation). Hall’s chart is part of the Eris opposed Uranus in Libra generation, in his case personalized by a sextile of Eris to the Sun in Aquarius. He’s scary good in this role. Makes you wonder what he’s like in real life.


Henri Toulouse-Lautrec - (November 24, 1864, 6:00 A.M., Albi, France) Eris in Pisces, conjunct Chiron, square Mars in Gemini and square Jupiter and Mercury in Sagittarius.

m. c. escher - (June 17, 1898, 6:17 A.M., Leeuwarden, Netherlands) Abstract, reality defying, dimensionally warping artwork. Eris in Pisces trine Chiron in Scorpio semi-square Mars in Taurus, square Neptune in Gemini

Alexandra Nechita - (August 27, 1985, 2:40 P.M., Vaslui, Romania) An artist since the age of two and acclaimed as a prodigy she had her first solo show at the age of eight. A cubist by style. She was appointed by the World Federation of United Nations Association to lead a 100-nation Global Arts Initiative, which in 2005, unveiled a United Nations Peace Monument for Asia in Singapore. Eris in Aries sextile Chiron in Gemini trine Mercury and Mars in Leo and trine Uranus in Sagittarius. Despite Eris’ love of war, Alexandra with her complex matrix of Eris aspects, became a representative of peace, perchance a distinction between Eris-Neptune, Eris-Pluto and Eris-Uranus aspects?

Frida Kahlo - (July 6, 1907, 8:30 A.M., Coyoacan, Mexico) Eris in Pisces conjunct Saturn, square Venus, Pluto conjunct in Gemini, trine Ceres in Cancer, sextile Moon in Taurus.

Of the above, three with patterns involving Eris-Mars (ruler of Ares/Aries, her fav running mate) and offering an indication of how to apply Eris in positive means.

And others...

Dee Dee Myers - A former White House Spokesperson during the Clinton administration, Dee Dee Myers (1 September 1961, time unknown, Providence, RI) wrote a book of memoirs entitled, Why Women Should Rule the World. Dee Dee took the podium of life within the Eris in Aries quincunx Neptune in Scorpio generation. More notable and directly pointing to the title of her book, natal Mars in Libra directly opposes natal Eris, thus the book title.


Nancy Pelosi - U. S. Congresswoman, first female Speaker of the House of Representatives, (March 26, 1940, time unknown, Baltimore, MD). Eris conjunct her Aries Sun trine Pluto in Leo.

Hugh Hefner - You know, the Playboy guy. April 9, 1926, 4:20 A.M., Chicago, IL Hefner’s Eris falls between Uranus in late Pisces and Mercury in Aries, precisely nailing down the midpoint of those two planets.

Second Iraq War - Given Eris’ lust for blood and noting how she can work through any aspectual energy for any purpose, Pluto in Sagittarius on the MC trined the position of Eris (March 20, 2003, 5:35 A.M., Baghdad, Iraq)

Albert Einstein - His theories upset traditional thinking in many realms of science and showed us the way to understand relativity and how Newton’s apple gravity can deflect a beam of light. Eris conjunct a Pisces MC (March 14, 1879, 11:30 A.M., Ulm, Germany)


By now you're probably really curious. Want to know when Eris (and Sedna) went into Aries from Pisces and goes in Taurus? Here are the dates for Eris Ingresses.


Keywords for Eris (as well as her weekly position) exist on the Centaur/Kuiper Belt page. You'll have to do a little scrolling, but she's worth it.


Certainly that's not enough information. To keep track on Eris and her Kuiper Belt companions, you'll probably need The Galactic Trilogy CD, which gets updated with each Kuiper Belt breakthrough (and these updates are free after initial purchase!). If you don't want the entire CD but seek a print ephemeris you can purchase a pdf printable ephemeris instantly sent via e-mail. Maybe you'd like to upgrade your software so you can view Eris and Sedna in your chart wheel. Perhaps you'd like to venture into The Fairest of Them All, a treatise about the discoveries in our outer solar system, their mythologies and some compelling insights.


One more thing, here's what Mike Brown, co-discoverer of Eris, thinks about astrologers (be sure and come back).


Here's another great Eris article by our Scottish colleague, Wendy Howard.


How do I remember the new order of planets?

Inspired by a contest put on by the National Geographic Society, Maryn Smith’s fourth grade class set about coming up with a mnemonic for the solar system's 11 planets. Maryn won the contest with her thoroughly excellent phrase: My Very Exciting Magic Carpet Just Sailed Under Nine Palace Elephants. Her mnemonic aid will be published in astronomer David Aguilar's next National Geographic book, 11 Planets: A New View of the Solar System.

The slogan will be recorded into the lyrics of a song by Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Lisa Loeb (3/11/1968, Bethesda, MD) to be released this year. Ms. Loeb holds an Eris-Saturn natal conjunction within a wider reach to Mars (6 + degrees) has the three planets conjunct in Aries.

Previously the most common reigning mnemonic jogger was, “My very educated mother just served us nine pickles.”