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Reclaiming Retrogrades ~ 15 May 2019

How about it? Are you feeling the midyear malaise? Is it the result of the “45 Syndrome?” Is it because of planets that seem clogged in Capricorn? It might be that planets that we rely upon for progress - Jupiter and Saturn - and the one we most dread as the unconscious shoe that might drop - Pluto - all currently run retrograde.

A point of perspective. Traditional planets do not move retrograde. Ever. The thing known as retrograde motion happens because of the optical illusion of assuming Earth as the “stationary” reference point. Relatively speaking, at times, other planets appear to reverse course. Well, the firmament (Earth) does not stand still, and traditional planets never actually travel backward. So, this whole retrograde thing - in the big picture - is all about point of view and perspective.

Given that we stand on Earth, generally oblivious to our motion in the solar system, our galaxy, the Universe, we contend that retrogrades are things with which we must periodically deal. Some might defer activity during the interval of a retrograde. With the midrange and more distant planets this can occupy a heap of time. For Jupiter that’s roughly 30.3% of the time. Saturn weighs in as retrograde about 36.6% of the time. Pluto appears retrograde 43.5% of the time. Should those planets in retrograde times be considered to be anti-progress intervals, a significant portion of any year would be lost if direct action is not taken during these perceived reversed planet eras.

Granted, when planets are retrograde, those things any given planet rules fall subject to review, revisit, revise, retool, retrofit, etc. etc. etc. within all those “re” words. By linear logic, then, that also includes reform and rejoice. Anyway, getting feedback and hearing that you must edit, work through numbers again, come up with alternate conclusions can be frustrating. The good news is, the end delivery of product, consciousness concluded and beliefs resolved stand as more viable, solid and fruitful.

Now while we’re slugging out a heap of global uncertainty, many complain that they feel doomed, overwhelmed by circumstances, and as if the rope of life being pushed cannot be untangled. Certainly there are days like that... even weeks like that.

As believers of astrology we know that retrograde planets will station, go direct and sort out whatever seems to be inverted into a distorted Möbius Strip.

Jupiter stations, then turns direct on 11 August at 14 Sagittarius 30, spot on the Great Attractor (14 Sag 17). Then he lickety splits through Sag up to and over the Galactic Center, and on into Capricorn to engage a series of binary x-ray eclipsing pulsars. I know, right? Exhausting to ponder. But Jupiter’s track stands to be something to behold. As Jupiter turns on the Great Attractor, whose gravity insists that all information be considered and that all people are included, that alone can unmess a heap of what seems messed up right now. Dare we hold hope for this? This is Jupiter, after all.

Jupiter aligns with the Galactic Center on November 19th, in case you’re counting the days. Like an early Christmas, mid-November promises a rage of insights for anyone not too distracted, overwhelmed or weary to do the download and subsequent installation and application.

Saturn turns direct 18 September at 13 Capricorn 55. It might seem that forgotten things have suddenly been remembered. More, it’s a matter of urgent priorities that those with some say in your fate needed to address before they could effectively concentrate on what you believe your most urgent priority to be.

Pluto assumes direct motion on 2 Oct at 20 Capricorn 38. Expect that what has been undisclosed, hiding behind the green curtain, or otherwise unrevealed tends to move into the light of day such that conscious attention can be applied. No more helmet of invisibility regarding motive, intention or unrevealed action. Those with economic investments as part of their arsenal of mundane concerns might carefully listen. Indications are bubbles that approach dangerous dimensions can be perceived. Hints as to the true state of economics appear to those alertly scanning indicators. Bear in mind that traditional economic indicators are not the most reliable when Pluto is involved. The recommended forecasting trends include climate, politics and the whims of those in power. Take heed. Hay can be made.

So let’s step back to Jupiter. Today is 15 May. Jupiter turns about 11 August. In less than one calendric quarter, Jupiter’s pivot promises progress... in theory. In theory means that progress shall result for those who venture forth, regardless of retrogrades, aware of the implication and including all input with respect and reverence such that the result might be rejoiced about at a date in the not so near future.

Perhaps a brief revisit of how to best apply Jupiter pertains here. Let’s say a person needs a job and eagerly awaits a Jupiter transit to the midheaven, or the ruler of the second, sixth or tenth houses. They can’t wait. As soon as Jupiter gets there, they are going to saturate the market. Wrong approach. The new work should begin when Jupiter makes the aspect. The run-up to the transit is the time of increasing momentum in which all opportunity must be enthusiastically and energetically pursued. Get going while the getting’s good and don’t wait for Jupiter to culminate. Be ready to celebrate with Jupiter at culmination.

So, should the thick density out there seem to impede personal and/or professional progress, realize that in less than 90 days... virtually no time at all... Jupiter spins with greater grease, gusto and offers more goodies, galactic and otherwise. Whatever funk might be out there, summon Saturn and Pluto - perhaps even Pluto first. Get your deepest, most throbbing intentions clearly stated. Work intentions into a passionate frenzy of motivation. Do Saturn and don the caps of diligence, determination and devotion. Saturn believes one can wear all his caps at one time... as long as they are worth with integrity and dignity.

In slightly more than four months, Saturn’s direct. A fortnight or so after that, Pluto’s direct. To rejoice and bask in reward, you know what to do. So do it now.

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More soon.


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