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Balancing the Equinox ~ 19 Mar 2019

As the witticism goes: When the equinox (equi-knocks), let it in. For those in the southern hemisphere, it will be autumn in two days. For those in the northern hemisphere, it’s fixing to be spring. Equinox or “equal night” offers a balance of light and balancing act of sorts. So, let it in indeed!

On the equinox, as the Sun boldly strides into Aries, this year as Mars in Taurus advances to an exact quincunx with Jupiter in Sagittarius. The nature of the quincunx manifests in the form of adjustment... not a throw the baby out with the bathwater change of plans, but a tweak to the trajectory, an alteration of the arc of life plot unfoldment such that the path traversed becomes easier and more optimal.

Mars in Taurus can be dogged and determined in pursuit. Such drive can be good when putting down furrows in a field. A seasoned farmer reads the land, sees hidden rocks and tree stumps and follows the terrain, even if the row shifts this way and that along the way. Still seeds are planted, perfectly aligned with the foundation of terra firma. Fertile fields yielded from flexibility and tractability.

Jupiter is Sagittarius tracks high-minded knowledge. The result is the cultivation of a mind of ones own. An important point of balance appears here that directly impacts relationship interactions. Everyone has a mind of her/his own. When a person reacts, spouts a belief or embarks upon a course of action it is because they believe somewhere in their psyche, that’s what works. While it may be alien or even seem misguided to another, that’s what they truly believe... or believe they believe. Keep that in mind when sharing ones own mind. Presently your state of consciousness is what you believe and can be offered as a data point of objectivity to others instead of a doctrine that a person convinced in the superiority of their view attempts to jam into the consciousness craw of another.

Equinox balance within the above aspect permits the rendering of guidance when consulted, and without any sense of a superior course versus an inferior path, and recognizes that others will shift when they shift (if they do) and not in accord with any agenda put forth by another.

On Friday following the equinox, the Sun conjoins Chiron in Aries. Here’s another interesting balance point to apply during the seasonal shift. How can one remain true to oneself, remain bold in being, determined with the application of will, and all the while, engage in cooperative relationships with others? First, remember your will is your will. When another chooses not to respond to the whims and wishes of the will, it is not rejection, dismissal or a lack of acknowledgment. It’s simply the will of the other doesn’t line up. That’s it.

Since the Sun-Chiron conjunction stands opposite the Super-Galactic Center in Libra, take note from galactic gatherings. Thirty or so galaxies congregate because they share in common a gravitational nucleus. Should other galaxies not feel the gravitational grasp of the Super-Galactic Center, they find themselves drifting in different directions, responding to the attraction they feel.

Not everyone wants to play rugby or football, by any nation’s designation of what that is. Some prefer baseball. Others would rather Scrabble their way through spare time. Still, others prefer to binge watch episodes of some amazing series. Organically each person gravitates toward and resonates with what vibes with them. Feel what this is for you. Feel your way to that place.

Chiron offers a healing part in the upcoming solar conjunction. His prescription for the next several days: Find your fit within yourself. That’s your fit. No one else belongs in that precise fit. Be calm and collected within that fit. Realize this is where your will resides. Offer your will, your essence, your vibrance to others. In accord with the theme of the Mars-Jupiter pattern noted above, force no fits.

Mercury retrogrades into a conjunction with Neptune on Sunday, 24 March. This pattern repeats, on 3 April, this time with Mercury direct. The feeling in the ethers is that there’s something to decide, but it’s yet unclear what it is. If you sit and attempt a cogent work through in a linear thought process - given this is a Piscean placement - grey matter seems to be made of mush. Flow through it. How? Get a scribble pad. As you process information, ponder decisions, grapple to grok insights, all the while doodling. By doing so, you engage with one of the output devices of communication... the hands, necessary for printing, writing, texting, e-mailing or doodling... in the expressed interest of refining the stream of consciousness in which you currently float. Decide that you don’t have to decide whatever it is you feel you must decide until you know what that is. Makes sense, right? Because here’s the thing...

Come 4 April, Pluto and the track of the South Lunar Node line up in Capricorn. Here, a declaration of purpose suits the alignment. A statement of cause, commitment and a proclamation of a sense of personal destiny fulfills the instructions of this conjunction. From now until this aspect, the balance implied by the equinox, serves in the process of determining an ideal, purposeful declaration of life destination! With the clarity that naturally unfolds with the last of the Mercury to Neptune alignments as April spawns, and with the creative inspiration that goes hand in hand with clarity, the energy points toward distant destinations with full purpose and unabated dedication.

So, in the days ahead, make a point to stand straight with both feet equally supporting the body. Avoid the urge to lean, lounge or otherwise contort the body from a straight up position. Think of the alignment of the backbone - the chakras, if you will - to be the needle of the compass. The point of the compass knows exactly which way to point... much as if following the unconscious gravitational attraction of the Super-Galactic Center, conveniently positioned near the solar transit that marks the equinox - a time of the implied balance and inner tuning.

More soon.

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