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Stellar Stuff to Know ~ 17 Aug 2019

Here’s some stellar stuff to know. Actually, to honor the imminent ingress of Mars in Virgo and to be precise, it’s Galactic Center, Venus and Sun stuff to know.

It seems to be all over the news that the core of our galaxy, SGR A, the radio source that marks the core of our Galactic Center is “brightening.” In fact, it is nearly 75 times brighter! Brighter in the near Infrared spectrum that is - not in the visible light realm. So if midnight-ish you wander outside to watch the core of galaxy overhead, you’ll not likely notice anything different optically, but most assuredly, you’ll get a good dose of vibes.

Speculation is that the black hole in our galaxy recently “interacted with” one of two stellar objects. When black holes “interact” they basically grab and absorb what they can from the objection of interaction... they try to devour the object to fuel the edacious core within. Wow, right? Typically the results of the invisible efforts of a black hole to fill its void, occurs from flaring or brightening in invisible energy spectrums: radio, IFR and X-ray.

So here comes Jupiter, now on active approach to the Galactic Center (where he is exactly on 18 November), promising bigger, better, greater, brighter. What does this mean to an occupant on Earth? Well, let’s consider that IFR energy seems to stimulate the root chakra and encourage letting go, purging and thorough and complete processing of life stuff. It tends to stir the subconscious seeking clearing in the effort of expanding consciousness. It suggests, get it done, let it go, carry it no more.

Since in but hours we will welcome Mars in Virgo, a clear, cogent, logical place to apply effort is required. How about a check list of methods to apply, things to do? Per the Galactic Center brightening:

> Dump old data, bad ideas. Proclaim and believe in only the concepts that support your loftiest objectives.

> Flush emotional attachment to bad ideas, the past, things that retard progress. No need to watch released gunk go down the drain. Pull the plug. Let it go.

> Like a computer, defragment your mnemonic system. Reorganize, restructure and make mental storage more compact, easier and faster to access.

> Savor empty space within. Energy rushes to fill a void. Screen incoming energy and input for quality and your ability to assimilate it prior to opening your psychic firewall.


> Install and immediately apply new ideas that solidify foundation. Tamp it down for solid substrate.

Before you know it, Venus aligns with Mars in Virgo. 23 August to be precise. Another checklist is in order.

> What do you really, really want?


> Is it okay that you want it as much as you do?


> Could you want it even more than you do presently? Apply the energy rushes to fill a void concept here. Bigger void, more incoming input.


> Are you willing to apply positive, proactive steps to secure what you want?


> Do you have a solid plan such that when you ask for money it does not appear you are begging?


> Is your consciousness such that when what you asked to receive arrives, are you good to receive it?

The Sun conjoins Mars in Virgo on the first day of September. How about another Virgo style list?

> Humble statements regarding the true of your accomplishments and what you bring to the table is not boasting.

> When at the fork in the road, remember it is not a bipolar choice. Yes, you could go left or right. You could also go back the way you came. Find more options until one feels most nominal, if not a precise fit.


> Take the steps in logical order. Should a sidebar issue appear - something off to the side requiring immediate attention - take heed and address it smartly.


> When stuff gets done, cross it off the list. Be conscious of completion and accomplishment.


> Bear in mind that every step, every deed contributes to the whole and each deed stands out as consequential. Every step counts.


> Work out “what-ifs” in advance. Should they occur, address and move on.


> Contemplate the terms optimal, nominal and compare them to “perfect.”


> Reinvigorate personal physical wellness routines.


> Be helpful. Freely offer suggestions with no attachment to the application of those suggestions.


> Be cheerful... be like the Sun at midday. Show your brightness and vigor as if emulating the amplified essence of the Galactic Center itself.

More soon.

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