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Mars Matches Wits ~ Jun 27 2017

In the next few days to weeks Mars matches wits with some cantankerous, distant solar system planets, that if skillfully, strategically and insightfully applied, might just pick some juicy plums out of what appears to be thin air. Yes, all of these patterns are “tense.” Tension inspires action and mobility, exactly up Mars’ alley. And if forward movement is accompanied by intention and insight, Things might work out in an infinitely superior manner than what Mars tensing up against three “get off the grass” planets initially seem to portend.

Eclipses are coming soon and already being touted. With them, comes the supercharging of emotions, especially for those with strong connections to the eclipse patterns. While making travel plans to be in the perfect line of sight for the eclipses of 7 and 21 August, maybe work with Mars to match wits with these far planets to get the posterior properly propelled toward the positive. At least that’s what the present tense of transiting patterns suggests.

July 2nd Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn.

Power struggles between parties in charge, those in positions of authority or those in positions to care for others and those for whom they evidently oversee their well-being. The vote in the U.S. Senate over health care is a perfect manifestation. Any change in social services of any kind in the interest of cost-cutting is not advised. Such cuts will yield unprecedented blow back. Cutting safety concerns in the interest of profit also misfires as a strategy.

It’s reasonable to expect even more political upheaval, especially with countries with “fatherland” or “motherland” mentalities (yes, the U.S. fits that billet). While the upheaval may be emotionally disconcerting and ultimately a threat to domestic security, the transit demands that each person reassert controls and responsibilities in their personal lives. How?

- Define your dominion. Be at home in your castle. If you need to do things, even small things, to feel more at home at home, get on with it.

- Declare your self Captain of your professional vessel. Take charge of your greatest career aspiration and even if for only ten minutes a day, do something to progress your objectives forward each and every day without exception.

- Engage spiritual practices to underscore every act in life. Be the master. Of course, mastery occurs with constancy, perseverance, consistency, dedication and reverence. Do your daily spiritual drill with diligence and devotion.


July 10th Mars in Cancer squares Eris in Aries.

Expect that more generational distinction will be defined, from Boomers through Gen X’ers to Millennials. Note that each time boundaries of definition are drawn, stronger rifts appear. Facebook now claims to have redefined its mission. Are Facebook users onboard? How about the plethora of Apps that do not further? How’s the fuss about start-ups, incubators, accelerators and venture capitalism going? Are we reading the signs correctly? Is a shift on the near horizon? Is a bust coming? Are fads in favor fading, yielding to new, deeply-seated barometric shifts of interest and in consciousness?

The truth is, those wearing the labels of martyr, outsider, revolutionary, iconoclast, dissident and the plethora of titles as merit badges stand on the cusp of being perceived as tiresome, annoying, mayhem making and disruptive. Here’s a key balance point: It’s more than noble to protest against suppression, repression and exploitation. However, if you offer no antidotes and solutions, the efforts lack the toolkit to shift awareness and setting the stage to make a global difference.

Create a bandwagon upon which everyone will want to ride. It makes good sense for individuals and the collective. Then, define objectives, map out a clear strategy, establish bandleaders while keeping in mind that every band member contributes to harmonious orchestration, and get the wagon underway.

So personally...

- Take time to savor a grounded feeling of well-being in your domestic residence at least twice a day; at wake-up and slipping under the covers will do.

- Take time to assert the comfort of your soul to reside within the confines of your body. Instead of concerning yourself with your status as a social fish-out-of-water, focus on restoring the sense of being a spirit connected to your physical being, your residence and your position in life in both social and professional arenas.

- Affirm that you are only as isolated in life as you perceive yourself to be. If you are content in your social realm, and solid within your professional status in life, all is well. If you are not, map out a nondestructive, resentment-free plan to conquer the world in ways that cause you to feel full flourish and extension of your plumage. If you have been caught up in the societal or professional fads of the recent years, find a perfect fit for yourself. Should anything no longer be part of “Ah, just right!” expeditiously extricate yourself from it.

July 17th Mars in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries.

This is the one of the last Mars triggers to the long-standing, socially disruptive, globally destabilizing Uranus-Eris conjunctions. The last occurs in late November into early December when Mars in Libra opposes Uranus and Eris with their conjunctions clearly in the rear-view mirror.

The use of the term “revolution” no longer serves the collective. It is evolution or nothing. Things must morph, transmute, transform, trend toward all parties benefitting from any meeting, summit, peace conference, negotiation, and the accords that result must be of benefit for the totality.

Truly, Eris brought us discord, mayhem and upheaval in the interest of resolving issues of political stagnation, global inequities, and to restore human consciousness such that it clearly assesses the available resources of the Earth and the sustainability/regeneration of those resources, contrasted with the inhabitants of the planet. Now it’s time to move forward with even more far reaching enlightenment.

You can...

- Survey everything in your life that alleged contributes to your contentment. Assess if those things accomplish the task of fulfilling your heart’s and soul’s desires. If not, define what changes need to occur. Make those changes without delay.

- Avoid the urge to nay say and emit negativity. If you want to petition your legislator, after dishing out your litany of laments, offer positive solutions. Better yet, start with presenting brilliant solutions, then introduce the problems you perceive. Odds are those receiving your input will respond more favorably.

- Okay, this is a big one. What were you thinking you were going to accomplish in this lifetime for your personal karmic betterment? How’s that working out for you? Is pretty much everything you do in complete accord with what your consciousness sought to achieve? If not, you know what to do. Go for a life mission reset. If you don’t know where to start, how about applying a little Neptune in Pisces quincunx Jupiter in Libra... watch some inspirational movies or listen to soul-inspiring music. Yes, as Jupiter in Libra suggests, you can enjoy companionship as you do and scintillating discussion later.

For all the transits above, find your center. Feel it, and when perfectly full of yourself, boldly state your claim to life... and take the steps forward!

Speaking of Erissian extrication, how about extricating yourself from any self-proclaimed or society generated rules and limitations upon you and your life style? That’s right, to honor these transits, how about a consultation or consultation package all in the interest of extrication and evolution!? At least order a report that will provide personal delineation that is rare, unique and insightful. The links below will link you up with those things that can work to recreate a positive linkage of you to life.

More soon.


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