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Saturn’s Memo ~ 17 Aug 2017

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Did you get Saturn’s memo? Not sure? Fortunately, there’s a short form set of bullet points that can be found if blank e-mails are squirted with lemon juice and held to ultraviolet light precisely at the New Moon and Full Moon.

In case that’s not convenient, consider.

* He returns to direct motion on the 25th of August. Slowly, momentum will return.

* He assures that with your best effort, though the year has been what it has been, favorable results are possible, even likely.

* Daily drill, duty, diligence and due diligence are necessary components of the dogma required for constant and consistent progress.

* Saturn rewards excellence. Do the job correctly, to the best of your ability, then put on some elbow grease for polish.

* Saturn rules time. He knows how his grains of sand slip through the hourglass. You have a clock on a smart phone, actually working because of a computer chip, likely with Saturn-ruled silicon in it. Time endures, creates the substrate of accomplishment.

* Saturn is not easily satisfied. How easy are you to please?

* Quality rules. The quest for excellence is excellent.

* Economy of effort is good. Work smart. Work in synch with momentum. Work all zones and flow intervals effectively and efficiently.

* Regulation offers workable parameters for optimum results. A planet moves in a prescribed orbit, also known as a revolution.

* The year’s not over. No quitting, giving up, or prematurely abandoning effort. No one of any weight description or gender has sung the final song - which means there’s a lot of good that can be derived from transits ahead given perseverance with ones purpose and clarity of cause.

Given that he’s in Sagittarius, Saturn offers some additional talking points. Reciting these points as a mantra will be akin to proclaiming a creed, chanting or repeating words with the hope that repetition is the mother of integration and getting the concept.

* Remember that for truly innovative ideas, time will be required for the collective to wrap around your insights.

* Resistance to concepts can be offset with assuaging energy to remain receptive to shifting winds, changes in barometric pressure, or collective causes requiring enhanced description and definition.

* Shifting core energy clears emotional mire and the feeling of being psychologically overwhelmed.

Given he transits the Galactic Center in November, exact on the 24th:

* Innovation and ingenuity spawn curious resistance.

* Understand this and resist the urge to jack hammer the perfection of your agenda.

* Again, allow for time.

* Avoid applying methods of conversion therapies.

Add a reality check prior to releasing world-changing products or consciousness shifting plans.

Verify that:

* The highest good is intended from the advancement of your efforts.

* Pure altruism underscores your agendas.

* Ensure that your offerings serve a current need and also remain expandable such that future needs can be accommodated with relatively minor tweaks and adjustments.

* Check to ensure that your launch date feels right in every fiber of your being.

* Check to ensure that enthusiasm is contained and that experience and preparation provide the greatest possibilities for success.

Finally, when it is time, get on with it. No second-guessing. No armchair quarterbacking. No remorse regarding the effort extended and its date of declaration. Feed only growth-oriented, possibility-oriented, completion and success-based vibes to your rendering.

And as Saturn is inclined to declare when signing off, “That is all.”

That is all until Saturn surveys actions taken and compiles a new set of directives for additional improvements and perfection of course.

Should there be any groans out there in anticipation of Saturn’s transit into Capricorn next year, bear in mind that Saturn rules Capricorn. As such, this is natural, comfortable turf for him to travel. And, he comes closest to the Sun in Capricorn, which notes that he spends the least time in Capricorn of all signs.

* Read the memo.

* Mark the calendar.

* Plot the course.

* Perform the checklist.

* Take off when the window is right.

More soon.

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