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Irresistibly Galactic ~ 22 Oct 2020

In but days, on 25 October, the Sun and Mercury align in Scorpio to mark the virtual midpoint of the current Mercury retrograde era. Additionally, this is spot on the enigmatic, gravitationally potent galactic anomaly, the Shapley Attractor (residing at 2 Scorpio 21, epoch 2000.0).

At the same time Venus enters the wide-ranging orb of the cluster of galaxies of which we are a part, powered by a super-massive black hole that is the core of our Super Galaxy (ZS at 2 Libra 04, epoch 2000.0). She exactly aligns with the Super Galactic Center on 29 October.

Given the gravitational breadth of both these objects, their influence is in place now and will continue at least through the first full week of November, likely lingering even a bit longer.

Both these transits of personal objects to vast galactic entities function similarly. They both seek to flag those aspects of life and forces in play that are simply irresistible.

Shapley 8 (A.K.A. Shapley Attractor) directs our attention to the “man behind the curtain,” the influences that guide our life whether we notice or not. However, with the Sun and Mercury in alignment, it is time to observe clearly, process the information perceived and concisely articulate a response to those factors that contribute gravitationally sweeping influence to your efforts in life. Yeah, some of this is going to be your reaction to the politics at hand and the reality of coronavirus. As well, they’re going to inspire an irresistible urge to declare honestly and perfectly the passions that drive your sensibilities and inclinations. Tell the absolute truth about what you want to do with your life, how badly you want to do those things, and how you’re fixing to get started. With some bewilderment, others may shake their heads and reply they never knew this was of interest to you. Such bewilderment is good as it permits space for things to get going good.

The declarations you render originate within the depths of any soulful yearning to reach to the stars and fulfill all inner passions and drives that satisfy the soul. This is very cool. True Mercury is retrograde. Declare anyway. Expect that to those in your inner sphere of influence need to hear your proclamations several times before they can wrap their arms around what you’re saying and assist with heavy lifting. They might have some knee-jerk protest because they perceive that your newly defined efforts may impact the zone of comfort established between you and that other person. Explain that the exhilaration you enjoy from your activities surely seep into your even more enthusiastic interaction with them based upon the amplified exuberance you feel toward life at large.

So what are you wanting to do? Really, really want to do? The fill the sails of your dharma kind of stuff. Dig deep and define it. That’s the boarding pass to vaster dimensions of life participation.

With the remaining days of Venus in Virgo, you might hear doubts expressed by others. Things like, “You know how to do that?” “Yeah, where’s the money going to come from?” “You really gonna do that?” The correct answers are an emphatic “Yes,” “Not sure, but I’ll manifest it,” “Yes.” Allow no question to trigger doubt of the agendas you hold. These are galactic forces calling and they function at much more influential tiers of irresistible. Ultimately, when you define it, you can’t not do it. Or in a more affirmative statement: It serves the soul to pursue these gravitational inclinations!

Notice the folks that draw toward you as this declaration emanates through your aura. Notice which of those folks serve your purposes according to that instinctive barometer that lives in your lower chakras. Notice those folks who seem to sip your energy. Establish gravitational boundaries that perfectly position the peeps around you into the context you feel appropriate for your sphere of influence.

Awesome. While feeling your inner stirring, get implementing and enjoy the ride ahead.

A couple of astronomical notes. This past Tuesday the Osiris Rex spacecraft dropped a scoop onto the asteroid Bennu to retrieve a sample of what makes up that asteroid. It’ll be a while yet before this cosmic sample gets back to Earth and the composition can be delineated. Still, it was a technological marvel in the asteroid belt. Where did this happen? According to the astronomers it happened in Libra. However, as astrologers see it, this probing dig lined up at 19 Scorpio 26 (Approximate. Might be off a few minutes of longitude, but close enough for assessment).

As the world prepares for 5G cellular service and all the frequency emanations that go with it, NASA and Nokia have teamed up to put 4G on the Moon. Evidently, it is assumed that “phone home” now means selfies for astronauts. There is no truth to the rumor that the grey aliens that inhabit the dark side of the Moon are writing congressional representatives in Texas and Florida (NASA centers) to protest the installation because they fear the vibes will cause their protective scales to fall off their bodies. That’s only a conspiracy theory likely related to the approach of Halloween.

More soon.

So, my short film ZAP! nears completion. During our shoot the local pack of coyotes decided to offer up a chorus. Our actor did a fabulous job of howling back at them. Looks and sounds great in the film. We are in edit and special visual effects are being conjured. Soon we’ll do sound and color correction and then away we go to festivals, hopefully a festival near you. Check in on the website. Very soon a professional designed poster will appear through the magic of 4G or 5G, as will a trailer. We are making remarkable progress. Here’s picture from on the set. Yeah, it’s a little dark, but it was night.


If it seems that a consultation or some other astrological assist might serve the natural draws you’re feeling from those galactic goodies out there, these links will get you to the right place. In these uncertain times, knowing what transits lie ahead can offer sanity, a sense of Universal timing and hopefulness for the future.

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