Plotting Planets - Part 3 ~ 16 Jun 2016

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Originally my intention was to write two “Plotting Planets” posts that addressed significant transits to the ongoing Uranus-Eris conjunctions in Aries. However, Ceres does possess a mind of her own and a clear plot of transits ahead. The Ceres to Uranus and Eris patterns established on the upcoming solstice shall return for two more ecliptical events just in time to polish off this year in good form.

Essentially, from early November until the start of 2017, Ceres retrograde engages Uranus and Eris. Ceres stations direct on December 9 virtually opposite Uranus and Eris, while in orb of opposition to Jupiter. Her exactitude to Eris occurs on the 16th of November. As she stations in December, Ceres never quite makes it back to Uranus. However, for all intents and purposes, she is conjunct Uranus for nearly two months. Ceres finishes off the Uranus-Eris transits on New Year’s Eve.

Oh, by the way, Jupiter opposes Uranus December 26th and moves to oppose Eris on January 17th. (There will be additional Jupiter-Uranus-Eris patterns in September 2017 and a heap more discussion in SkyScrapings to come).

Back in April, this all started with Venus to Uranus-Eris, continued on in part two of this transit triptych to address Ceres to Uranus-Eris, and here in Part 3, Mars postures defiant conjunct Eris and Uranus. Mars navigates these alignments at the same time Jupiter opposes Mars-Uranus-Eris. Not only is Jupiter involved, a hinge date for these patterns aligns with a new moon in Pisces, conjunct Neptune.

As well as the Piscean lunation’s creative flavoring further inspired by Neptune, Jupiter, is joined by Haumea, the fertility/creativity dwarf planet who stands two degrees distant from Jupiter, well within orb. Planets plot for February to wax poetic, stir creativity and restore the desire to reaffirm spiritual roots.

Okay, this planetary pattern lines up in February. Why talk about it now?

First of all, within the week the solstice pattern marks the tipping point of a dramatic time in which consciousness intends to shift, by hook or by crook. What happens in the next weeks will carry through into 2017 as the enduring theme. Evolution must replace revolution. Those who feel left behind or outside the desired sphere of influence soulfully seek to find their perfect fit in life as the world’s view struggles to shift for total inclusion of all. Causes will be advocated with passion and intensity - let us affirm that fury and rage have no part. Social norms seek to improve. Individuals aspire to release addictions to status and success. The world and all occupying it seek nominal operating parameters... never too little; never too much. This is a critical time for consciousness, and those tuning in shall lead the way... and this pattern comes first and contains the consciousness cementing that Uranus and Eris seek to place as a cornerstone.

Second, it takes time and a stellium (as in a collection of stars, or creatively inspired stellar principles) to bring about the fruits of invention and creation. Gardening the fruits of talent requires patience, optimism, confidence in the soul and the creative spirit. Once the inspiration catches on, others gleefully follow. Getting to that catch-on point requires months of good days and days in which the setbacks to the most inspired inspiration weigh the spirit with crushing inertia. Those who persist, with long-range vision and a precise plotting of the planets and an oath to engage the planetary promise with full propitiation stand to become the new leaders of the arts, consciousness and evolution... all of which trickle into every other component of the human experience on Earth: political, economic, cultural, theological and spiritual.

The hinge point selected here in Mars to Eris and Uranus matches the retrograde Jupiter transit, and Pisces lunation as the time the tapioca thickens and stirring must be a constant endeavor. Mars transits Uranus on the day of the Pisces new moon. Within the next 48 hours he advances to line up with Eris, virtually opposing Jupiter in simultaneous swagger.

Mars was a constant companion with Eris, often stirring everything into chaotic frenzy. They fashioned mayhem and more whenever Eris felt excluded, or when her lust for bloodshed and discord boiled over. As to not be construed as a call to arms, consider that Jupiter contracted with Eris to conjure a reversal of the heavens in order to create perspective such that political wrongs could be rectified. While the late February alignment is highly charged, the promise of positive outcomes without negative displays of revolution or violence remains more likely.

The Pisces lunation and Neptune seek to establish an uber-high watermark for humankind. Insight, inspiration and those guided by the Wisdom of All Creation must step forward to offer a call for calm. The arts play a huge part here. Be inspired by music. Feel awe while taking in paintings or surveying sculptures. Learn from the subtle encoded messages in film and literature. Receive the blessings of those who have mastered spiritual understandings, or tune by your own self - Aries is a critical player here. Then, when so stirred that you fervently follow the calling of your spirit, you become a contributing part of the planetary plot to restore the healthy existence of humankind on Earth.

As a supporting note, Haumea and Jupiter share a perihelion point in Aries with Makemake, which is also the orbital chill out points (aphelia) of Eris and Chiron. Those engaging creativity (Haumea) in the grandest manner possible (Jupiter) discover their innate resources and sustainability (Makemake). As a result, perceived inadequacies are replaced by creative tools (Neptune, Pisces lunation) and healing soothes the soul (Chiron). As this process endures, the inspired soul discovers a perfect fit in life and operates with a new sense of confidence and compassion (Eris).

One last thing: Venus retrogrades in Aries (and Pisces) commencing March of 2017. On May 30th she returns to Eris; On June 2nd she conjoins Uranus who then pulls away from Eris. Venus adds the final accouterment to the pattern she initiated in April 2016 in the midst of the Uranus-Eris conjunction cycle that promised to pioneer progress... personal and planetary.

The evolution is at hand. Are you ready?

More soon.

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